Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Creativity Resolution #1

No surprise to any of you--I'm getting back to scrapping.
Actually, I already have. I've been working on "calendar" pages as a Christmas present for my Mom for the last 48 hours--pretty much straight through. This is not my preferred method....but it's working, sort of.

What I do is purchase a pre-made calendar and take one picture from that month (so January 08 has a picture from January 07), find a quote, do up the page and attach them to one side--just like those you get in the mail. So far, so good, you'd think. Christmas is days away. But the catch is, I take the scrapbook pages to Staples and have them "make" calendars for two other relatives and mail those. My Mom gets the originals--after Staples is finished with them and I've attached them. You see the problem? If this were November 19th I'd be in great shape. I usually work in a 6x6 format (with photos at 4x6 its ridiculously quick) but I couldn't find any 6x6 calendars this year, so I had to use 8x8. There's lots of 2" dead space at the top of these pages I just didn't have the time to deal with creatively.

OK, enough about that--I hope it made sense. I'm so exhausted I can't tell whether I'm making sense or not!

The resolution: Make one double page layout per month about that month. That way, I'll have a "Year in Review" album done this time next year. I was actually thinking about this last week. Today, my favourite scrapping magazine came in the mail--and it had this very concept as one of its articles. Of course, I can't put my hands on it at the moment.

But here's the deal. By the 15th of the following month, I will have the previous month's page spread completed. That will give me lots of time to get the pictures out of the camera and developed and write something up. The format will be two 8.5 x 11 pages per month. If you can stand it, I'll scan them in and post them when done.

This is the first of the calendar pages completed. It's even the first one of the year: January. (And it looks crooked. Probably is. Ack.)


zooza said...

What a lovely gift for your mum. And, to paraphrase Mr Johnson, inclination definitely leads me to look forward to your monthly posts about this. I think it's a great resolution.

drwende said...

Excellent idea! I'm looking forward to seeing the results.

Alana in Canada said...

I'm glad you are both so inclined. I wouldn't want it to be a task.

(Of course there is a slight irony here--the kids are looking at a book from the library related to some home schooling subject or other--so, well, it's either ironic or subversive.)

lorijo said...

fabulous! I wish I could scrapbook- I tried and failed. I envy you!

scb said...

Cool. I'm looking forward to the results, too. A Year in Review sounds like an excellent thing to do!!!

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