Monday, December 17, 2007

Dressing Up

Both kids had their music recitals tonight. I decided I'd try to dress up just a bit. I put on a slip and some opaque black hose. Then, I took a mid-calf, full circle black jersey cotton skirt out of the closet and tried it with a beautiful Italian black and white knit top that had been in my Outbox. Baggy and loose. Nuh uh. I tried a teal cotton silk blend. Jewel collar, tunic length, big flappy dolman type sleeves. Much too unstructured and scruffy. So, I reached for the black short sleeved top that "goes with" the skirt. That looked good. I wished I had a tunic length vest to add a bit of colour, but I threw a headband on instead. (I don't have any fabric ones, yet. They're all the knit stretchy sort.)

I sketched some make-up on my face and went downstairs to pick out some jewellery. I discovered the clasp is broken on the longest silver necklace I have, so I slipped on my long celtic cross. You can see where this is going. It just wasn't going to fly.

So, I put on my trusty deep purple L.L. Bean dress and went out and listened to my children play.

I need something.


zooza said...

Sounds like you're almost there, though. Maybe the two 'somethings' you need are 1) to get out the sewing machine and make a tunic length vest and 2) fixie that clasp. Then, you have a going out outfit all ready for your next social engagement. :-)

Thanks for the journal-making link, btw. It's exactly what I need. I'll try and find some large sheets of sugar paper to make my own (and will undoubtedly find a pre-made scrapbook along the way!).

drwende said...

I think this is why people end up owning a "little black dress" that is used for nothing else.

Zooza's right, though -- a couple of fixies and you're in business.

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