Monday, December 3, 2007

Christmas is All About Food, Isn't it?

On the first Tuesday of every month, grocery stores go crazy in this town. To lure in customers and encourage bulk buying every single one offers 10 to 15% off one's purchases this day every month.

I do my best to take full advantage of it. I buy the coffee I need for the month, the frozen pizza's, all our meat, canned goods, you get the idea.

To this month's Master Shopping List we're adding scads of butter, flaked coconut, chips: white chocolate, chocolate, butterscotch and dried cranberries.

Yes, I made The Cookie List.

I've also got the menu planned for Christmas Eve:
Tourtiere and Cream Corn,
Milk, and Coffee.

Christmas Day:
Pickle plate

Grapes and Cheese plate
Veggie plate.
Taco Chips smothered in ham, cheese and salsa, toasted in the oven. Served with sour cream and more salsa on the side. (Husband's contribution).

I'll make the pastry for the Quiche and the Tourtiere at the same time--hopefully this week. In fact, I plan to make the whole Tourtiere this week and freeze it. I can fry up the bacon for the quiche ahead of time too, and then all I have to do Christmas Day is whisk a few eggs, toss in the bacon, pour it into the pie crust and eat 30 minutes later. No muss, no fuss.

I think we're doing Christmas Day dinner at my Mom's. If not, I've got a ham in the freezer I can throw into the pot--and I'm not averse to leftovers, either. Last year my Mom got Subway to make up a couple of party platters and we had so much food (all together there's only six of us) we agreed we could have done without the turkey, the trimmings and all the effort it took. (Basting every 15 minutes for three hours or more just isn't as much fun as it used to be!)

I will miss the bacon-wrapped shrimp I used to make as hor's d'oeuvres on Christmas day--but perhaps we can do that for New Year's Day! (oops, I just realised I totally forgot to do New Year's menu. Oh well.)

image from Martha Stewart(dot)com.


smallcitybeth said...

Yum. I used to bake sceenteen batches of cookies at Christmas... now that neither Mum nor I can eat 'em, and Dad can't eat that many, I don't do nearly as much baking. Maybe the fragrance of your baking cookies will carry over this far??? (at least in my imagination...)

The Christmas Eve and Christmas Day menus sound delish, too. Especially the quiche. [But I was relieved to read that you will have the opportunity to eat turkey at some point. I'm a stodgy traditionalist, there's no help for it. ;) ]

Alana in Canada said...

I don't think I'll ever be that ambitious. Wow. That's practically one batch a day from now until Christmas Eve.

I like turkey chiefly for the leftovers. I loooove Turkey soup, Turkey pot pie, and turkey sandwiches.
Someone once told me the following joke:
"What's the definition of eternity?
Two people and a Turkey."

Yep, that would be heaven.

smallcitybeth said...

Not seventeen. Sceenteen. A made-up word meaning a lot and alot alot. Probably was 10 batches of different cookies we made in a day. Plus other things made over the course of the season. Sorry to mislead you.

smallcitybeth said...

(addendum to previous comment: a friend and I used to have a Cookie Baking Saturday early in December, when we'd make all those batches of cookies, then she'd take half home and I'd keep half.)

Alana in Canada said...

You didn't mislead me!
I mis-read it.

I had an eye appointment last week. The optometrist said I need bifocals. Apparently, I really do.

smallcitybeth said...

Bifocals are good. Trust me on this. Seeing is good. I got bifocals (the transitional ones that don't have a visible bifocal line) when I was -- get this -- 35. The optometrist kept looking at my age on one side of the chart, and then looking at what he'd determined on the other side of the chart... I said "If I need 'em, I need 'em, I just want to be able to see." I think they're great.

Alana in Canada said...

Yeah, when the optometrist told me I needed them, I sid, "Well, now I'm officially old." And he said, "no, it's perfectly normal for people in a certain age group to need them, blah blah blah"

And I just looked at him, like, wasn't that what I just said?

Oh well. It was the first time we'd met(though I know his wife from Homeschooling circles).

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