Monday, December 3, 2007

Christmas Has Officially Begun!

We have the tree up.

It's a small (about 6 1/2 feet) artificial tree my husband and I purchased 10 years ago--at a garage sale--on our "Honeymoon." Someone had given us a free weekend at a bed and breakfast in a dinky town many miles west of here. Can you get a picture of how small it was if I tell you the only store was the Farmers Union Co-op? But, lucky for us, we landed the weekend of the town-wide garage sale. We had a good time, actually. And we were so smug about buying the Christmas tree in May. We were starting a new family, new traditions, and here we had the tree to go with our brand new made-up life.

The husband is talking about buying a new tree this year, after Christmas, when the sales are on. I don't really care that much about it. I no longer "care" about decorating the tree--I gave it up a few years ago. I string the lights, but I pretty much let the kids hang whatever they want from the "Christmas ornament box" wherever they want. It was just too stressful to treat the tree as my own decorating statement--and besides--who is it for, anyway? If I'm in the decorating mood, I have an artificial garland I attach with 3M hooks all around the arched entrance way to the living room and I "decorate" that. I may or may not do it this year. I'm feeling pretty low-key about it. I always do until about Dec 23rd!

We purchased the flooring for the bathroom on Sunday. It's some kind of miracle thing, called "fibre floor" put out by a company called Tarkett. The floor is backed with an underlay that doesn't need gluing! Just cut it to fit (with a box cutting blade) and put it in place. Nail in the corner round next to the baseboards and it's done. It's amazing. Of course, the floor one puts it on has to be absolutely flat and stain free. So, there's more washing and sanding required (plus, we need to make a small patch) before we can put it down. Meanwhile, the bathroom has thrown up all over the hallway outside it and I've got half a toilet in the entrance hallway and the other half in the dining room/office. The 8' bench from the living room is in here too--I finally took it out so I could move a chair to make room for the tree! I also washed the whole living room floor with vinegar and water, vacuumed the couch, etc, before I let the kids bring the tree upstairs.

I think the last time the house looked decent was when I took those pics for the slide show.
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smallcitybeth said...

yay for you, for getting the tree up! I bet Daughter is a happy girl tonight!

I'm in the process of making a tree-shaped thing. I ran out of ribbon, which is one of the key ingredients. I will post a picture, if I'm not too grumbly about the way it turns out. The idea looks great in my head, but you never know with ideas, sometimes they don't look great outside my head.

CQ in DC said...

wow you have a lot going on! I hope to put up a tree this weekend, but haven't yet cleared a space for it in the living room. we'll see...

drwende said...

Well, now I feel behind, if you're all treed up!

Ours is a 3' pre-lit fake that I impulsively bought at Target last year when I was excited about Xmas decorating. I think we're going to get an extension cord and leave it on top of the tall tansu in the living room, as the cats can't quite get up there.

Alana in Canada said...

Ooh, good idea to keep it cat free. I have to find something and post it for you.

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