Thursday, December 20, 2007

Never Say Never

We have a dog.
I'm not sure how it happened.
The night before last I was looking things up on the 'net.
Last night I made a few calls.
Today at noon, I was rushing madly to my mom's for a "meeting" with a dog and its owner.
Tonight, I am forcing my lethargic son outside in -25(C) so the dog can do his business.
But that's why we got the dog. To get the boy off the couch.

In good news, the family helped me blitz clean and "puppy-proof" when we came home. There were still the contents of the medicine cabinet on the floor outside the bathroom, and other detritus that accumulates when you are deep inside a must-be-done-now-sacrifice-everything project. So, the house is halfway decent. Bonus.

Oh, for those dying to know, his name is "Stomper," he's almost 4 months old, and he's pure bred underdog. That's what the boy wanted.


zooza said...

Ooh, sneaky. Is this a way to get everyone keeping the house tidy in the name of "puppy-proofing"? On a more serious note... how exciting! Stomper is a great name.

scb said...

Welcome, Stomper!!! Yay for puppies!!!

(Now we get to see puppy pictures now and then, she says hopefully?????)

I just read (yesterday) that dogs are a wonderful way to get people up and exercising, because the dog needs walking no matter what. This is a good thing. (Having only had cats, and rabbits, I can't vouch for this one personally, but it makes sense.)

lorijo said...

Good for you! Stomper is a great name too... just be careful to watch the puppies paws in the cold. (mine got too cold when we moved up here and now he won't go outside in the wintertime- and you don't want that to happen- trust me)

Mella DP said...

Cool! Yes, puppy pics, please. :)

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