Friday, December 7, 2007

The Inimitable Jackie

From The New York Social Diary.
1975. By then Jackie Onassis, Jackie O, was the most famous widow in the world, the most glamorous trophy wife in the world; admired, even idolized, Mrs. Kennedy Onassis epitomized youthful middle-age of the contemporary American women. When she went to a store and bought two dozen sweaters of a certain style, and WWD reported it the following morning, there was practically a line around the corner of that store, waiting to get in to buy what Jackie bought. It was her fresh energy. Her self-confidence. Her classiness under all circumstances.

Scb wrote a wonderful, thoughtful post about trying to find the secret to Jackie's style. A link led me to this advice:

Want to dress like Jackie? Here are a few pointers.
*Keep it clean.
*Pay attention to details.
*Have your tailor fit the clothes to you.
*Know your style.
*Stand tall.
*Remember that less is more.
*Get your father-in-law to pay for it all. (In 1961, Kennedy spent more than $100,000 in clothing and incidentals -- exceeding the president's salary for the year. Her father-in-law, Joe Kennedy, ended up paying the bills so there wouldn't be a scandal.)

Ahhhh. The father-in-law. There's the secret!

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smallcitybeth said...

"It was her fresh energy. Her self-confidence. Her classiness under all circumstances." -- *That's* what I'm going for.

Just a turtleneck, pants, and shoes (and the everpresent shades) and she looks classy. *That's* what I'm going for. (Except with styles that suit me. No turtlenecks, ever again.)

But I don't have a father-in-law. Not even a poor one. Oh well... ... ... ;-)

Thanks for this post.

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