Saturday, December 8, 2007

A Stab at the Signature...

I was talking to a young lady today--she's the older sister of a friend of my daughter's. I think she's twelve--going on seventeen. She showed me her newly applied nail polish--loud hot pink. "Oh, that's bright," I said. Then I picked up my bottle of the palest neutral pink (as I had just cleaned my nails) and said, "Well, to me. This is what I wear."

And she told me, "I really liked that headband you were wearing the other day. It looked good. Other moms don't wear stuff like that." (They don't?)

But I think she has helped give me a direction on this "status" thing. (I'm going to call it a signature, 'cause "status" just doesn't work for me.)

I re-read all your wonderful comments back when I was struggling after that disastrous day at the Mall and you all used the words: smart, creative, capable, tough, independent, strong, cool, (and all those kind things Lynn said). I wish everyone had such a bunch of comments to refer too whenever they get down on themselves.

And I'd like to claim "cool, creative and capable." (Mostly 'cause I love alliteration.) First and foremost, I'm practical. I am also by nature a problem solver. That's how I approach decor: what's the problem? How do I fix it? Creativity and intelligence come into play as servants--not leaders. If I'm "cool"--well that's a happy accident--all the happier because you can't "try" to be cool--either you are or you aren't. And if it is as simple as wearing a headband...then, OK, I accept that it may apply to me--in a "mom, housewifely," sort of way. (Rather than, ahem, a New York Street walking way,

or a red carpet sort of way,

or any sort of runway sort of way.

even though I love each of these looks.)

So there. The outline will be "classic casual" --no sharp asymmetrical "statements" No frills that can get in my way. Nothing bohemian. Nothing intentionally preppy. Just well cut, well fitting staples like T-Shirts and turtlenecks, jeans and decent looking trousers. Even my favourite "dress up" dress is casual. It's from LL Bean and it is almost like this, but longer (which is good. This hem length looks dowdy to me). It has long sleeves, and two seams in the skirt underneath the waistband in the beautiful deep colour of my favourite jam: black currant. It's from many seasons ago. And tonight, I think it pretty much declares my "style."

Wherefore the "cool?" Whither the creative?
Well, how about one of these?
From Etsy, sellers, left to right: KitMit, PurpleLicious, ShirkDesigns

And there'll be a brooch on my coat.

As for other dashes of "creative?" I'll have to think on it.


smallcitybeth said...

Excellent post! And I really like the word "signature".

My favorite headband is the one on the right. (I always found that headbands gouged me in the side of the head -- I have a weird head.)

Cool. Classic. Casual. Creative. Capable. Kudos to you. (Yes, I know that's a K, but the sound is the same...)

drwende said...

Yes! Feral Care Bear is happy!

Being good at a nice streamlined "casual" makes so much sense for everything you say about your life and your style.

Don't forget that, while you like lack of fuss in the lines, you also liked the Coldwater Creek clothes that have simple lines but intricate surface detail.

Mella DP said...

Great! This looks and sounds like the Alana we know (and that's a good thing!).

Alana in Canada said...

Ah yes, the intricate surface detail--I'd like to get the basics down pat and get used to that first. As well, the budget has been officially stretched about as far as it can go. Wait until I post what I found out about my jeans. (Well, probably not news to some of you, but certainly to me!)

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