Thursday, December 6, 2007

I Ordered It!


drwende said...


I'm so glad you stuck to your Joyous Colors. Sticking with the plan, rather than going after pretties that don't work with the rest of your style, is going to be a topic included with accessories next week. (See, the big benefit to my not laying out the schedule in advance is that you've ended up driving a good bit of it.)

smallcitybeth said...

Good news! I love it. It will be so good with your dark coat. And Wende's right -- it's best to stick with *your* joyous colors, no matter how pretty something else may look in the store, or on the website. What looks good on *you* is what's important.

Good for you.

(Did you notice the gray beret in my hat hat hat hat post, that had a pin on it? I'm considering, when I get my "right" red hat, putting my silver snowflake on it, instead of on the coat. What think you?)

Alana in Canada said...

I love the idea of putting your pin in the hat. Let me go look again before I say more.

And thanks Wende. I was just thinking how silly I was, though. I need a warm sweater, not a brooch!

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