Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas to All--

One year in my late twenties, tired of pretending to be happy around relatives who had no use for me, I begged off, protesting I had too much work to do for school. The excuse was true--given it was an 8 hour drive each way without holiday traffic and I was behind on a slew of projects. But, I wasn't a practising Christian then, (I'm barely one now, but I'm trying) so the holiday, as such, meant nothing to me. I wanted to find out what I really thought of the "tradition" --was it just crass materialism and consumerism writ large on a canvass of hypocrisy or did it have some meaning for me I was too blind to see?

So, I stayed home. I worked round the clock and loved every minute of it. I decided to go for a nice long walk on Christmas day. I was surprised I felt lonely and left out. Then, like a gift, I saw two cardinals flitting about in some trees. They were so beautiful. The red was so intense against the green foliage and white snow, I cried. I decided Christmas did have meaning for me--it was a time, at least, to be with those who knew my name, even if I was the black sheep among them.

Christmas has had meaning for me ever since and the joy has gradually and steadily returned, even during these annually dark, hectic weeks.

It's been wonderful getting to know all of you. I hope you have a meaningful and joyous Christmas, whatever you do and whomever you are with.


scb said...

Thank you for this post... and for the lovely picture of the cardinal. I've never seen one in real life -- that must have been so wonderful!

I'm so glad the joy of Christmas has inched its way back into your life!

Have a wonderful, joyous, what-your-heart-desires Christmas!

The Seeker said...

Happy Holidays!
Nice post. Christmas makes me nostalgic.
Thanks to visit my blog and left comments.
Merry Christmas

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