Thursday, April 28, 2011

Taking a Brief Break

I will be watching THE WEDDING tonight: I believe it starts at midnight, here, and goes 'til 8am or so. That means I'll be spending the day tomorrow sleeping! I don't know quite when I'll be recovered from the whole thing. (These old bones don't bounce back the way they used to.)

source: the house that lars built

I am getting excited!

I'll see you on the other side, hopefully not too long from now.


Becolorful said...

I am so psyched too. I am going to bed early and getting up around 5 AM to see the big event. My hubs thinks I'm crazy.

Thanks for commenting on my post and the MacKenzie Childs pillow. Love your idea of framing the piece. $375 Can you believe somebody would spend that on a pillow?

Enjoy the wedding. I'm wearing a tiara. hehe

scb said...

I missed seeing this post until just now. Sunday. May 1. 6:27 p.m. How'd that happen?

Did you enjoy the wedding? Did you like Princess Beatrice's hat?

Alana in Canada said...

@scb Maybe you were taking a wee wedding break, too? I personally didn't care for the Princess Beatrice's fascinator--but i thought it was wonderful that she wore it. I tell you what got my head shaking though, how did Victoria Beckham (nee Posh Spice) keep her hat on?

And I absolutely LOVED Kate's dress.

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