Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hybrid Cure: Living Room progress?

I am, I must confess, procrastinating steam cleaning my couch.

The way things are, right now.


I've washed the inside glass of the windows and the window frames.
I've vacuumed the window screens.
I've vacuumed the lampshades.
I've vacuumed the couch, the chair and the floor.
I even pulled out the piano and vacuumed in behind it. Ugh.
I've vacuumed the rug. Twice.
I've washed down the ottoman.
I've opened the ottoman and sorted the contents into 1) wash and keep and 2) wash and give away.
I've washed the television screen.
I've washed the piano.
I've washed the small table that lives in between the two chairs.


I really have to do it now, don't I?


Anne (no longer in Reno) said...

At least it's productive procrastination! Also, that much stuff in one day would wear me out! You are inspiring me to go take a whack at the garage...

Also, once it's clean, you will be SO happy! Not just because it's done, but because it will be so nice!

Alana in Canada said...


I've done it now. Calling it "steam" cleaning was rather more hopeful than actual unfortunately, and I will have to take another pass.

I'm afraid that when I had the couch upholstered, not only did I get the brightest green I'd ever seen, but I believe I did NOT get a washable fabric. (ie, dry clean only.) I am beyond caring, now.

scb said...

I could help you procrastinate, if you want to have a little drive (well, a long drive)! Come to my place and do all those things here!

Wow, you accomplished a lot. I'm so impressed!

Alana in Canada said...

Oh scb, would that I could. My hand is cramping like mad on me, though.

Anne (no longer in Reno) said...

Hmm, rug-wise, if this is the room you are talking about, I would try to bring in some pattern for that big space it has to cover. My inclination would be something oriental-style with some green in it, I think that would look good with your art and lighting and not fight with the furniture.

You could also do a more modern geometric or floral pattern in there, but I think a pattern would be really good. I tend to think oriental rugs go with everything, with something more modern I think you'd want a bigger pattern, not something small and busy.

Overstock.com is a good resource for inspiration, I don't know if they ship to your neck of the woods but there is a TON of stuff to surf through.

onshore said...

Well done on stopping the procrastination!if you've done all this by tuesday I'm sure you can manage the rest of the list very easily.

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