Friday, April 8, 2011

Flowers on Friday

We've had flowers fairly consistently since Christmas.
It surprises me.
Of course, my husband bought a few bouquets for me too, and that doesn't hurt!

I hadn't realised it would be all that hard to find nice, inexpensive, long lasting blooms like these mini-carns. I love them. Classic, in a simple way.

My mom gave me this pitcher at Christmas. The hand-made doily was a gift from the mother of a boy I lived with for a few years a long, long time ago. (Honestly, I think it was 20 years ago, now. How can it be that long ago?)

I think it's actually the first time I've ever put it out. I think it's perfect, here, now.

1 comment :

onshore said...

Oh those look so sweet, lovely pitcher and doily

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