Sunday, April 17, 2011

Week 2: Progress Report

Painting and organizing the Cleaning Closet derailed some of my plans for the kitchen--that and my unreliable knees. I confess, I just couldn't face the large corner cabinet where I keep all my appliances, cookware, mixing bowls and potatoes. (Yes, my potatoes are stored with my pots. You're supposed to keep potatoes cool and dark: it's the best spot for them.)

I did clean and organize the smaller section of the corner cupboard though.
It's an awkward height--and because of that, like my grandmother before me, I have to cut down or otherwise turn a box of cereal to make it fit inside the cupboard.

It's been driving me crazy, so I bought a few of these square, plastic, rubbermaid containers to keep things manageable.

Isn't that better?

I did get a few other things things done, too. First, from the AT:8 Step Cure List:


Fix one thing in your home not done
Clean your kitchen from top to bottom and throw out old food almost done.
Buy a water filter and use it. done

We really need to fix the faucet for our water filter. The problem is that although we have the replacement, we cannot understand the instructions for installing it. A phone call to the company we purchased it from will likely make things easier, but my husband and I do not work well together when we have difficulties like this. I have to be willing to be very, very patient (I like to jump in and "try out" and idea--my husband is much less impulsive and wants to think about the problem thoroughly and imagine every possible consequence. Repairs with any instruction booklet, really, is a land mine for us.)

Run your hands over every wall of your apartment. not done
Clear Space for an Outbox done the previous week.

Buy fresh flowers done.
Determine your style done.

I think I'm more or less happy with the whole "modern farmhouse cottage" idea. Click Farmhouse Cottage, Part One and Part Two if you want to catch those posts from a while back.

Find one new recipe and cook one meal at home done
Choose the date for your housewarming. not done

We won't be hosting any sort of housewarming, so I will just be omitting those items from the progress report in future.

I tried out a new recipe this week: Crock Pot Jambalaya. It wasn't bad: but like most crock pot meals made with meat, I didn't like the resulting texture of the chunks of pork I put in it. Neither did my son. So, I think if I do this again, it will be on the stove, like a stew.

Second, from the Spring Cleaning List:

Scrub floors and counters not done
Clean and organize cabinets and drawers, some done, not all
Clean fridge and freezer with a mild detergent.
I got the shelves cleaned up and organized. (How many turntables do you see?)

Defrost Freezer. not done--like Leena, I did that back in the winter.

Clean inside of oven, stove burners and range hood. Yep. done
Change filter in range hood n/a
Clean the outside of all small appliances done
Pull fridge out from the wall and wash floor underneath. I can't believe I did this.

Vacuum fridge coils. Not done. I don't know where they are on my fridge.

Have knives professionally sharpened. done. sort of. My husband found some knife sharpening kit he has and sharpened my chef's knife for me.

Take trash can to self-serve car wash and power wash. pending
Wax floor pending
Wash windows done
Wash walls not done. I'll do this when I get to painting this summer.
Wash and install screens done, pending.

The storm windows are down, The screens are washed and ready to go. But we didn't get them up--and then it snowed. Yes. 8 - 10 cm. So, we're waiting for the snow to melt, again.

Clean dog food container. pending
Clean coffee maker pending
Handwash curtains. done.

I decluttered as I went along. There really isn't all that much that needs to be weeded out, but I did pass along a few baking dishes to my mom and got rid of a glass with a crack in it.

So, that was this week. Up and onwards to the Entry ways!


scb said...

Good for you!!!!

Isn't it wonderfully encouraging and uplifting to write all those "done, done, done" comments on the list?

I have had enough of this wretched snow, and I'm sure you have, too. Grrr...

LOJO said...

nice progress! I'm cleaning the fridge/freezer this weekend and the Mr. is installing a bedroom door for us (finally-it's been 6mos)

it snowed here yesterday.

onshore said...

I think I see two turntables...

Lot's of things done! Way to go!

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