Monday, April 11, 2011


I'm so excited.
(from the back gate looking into the yard)

Here's from the back door looking left (towards the East) where we have our garden boxes.

Here's from the back door looking left (westwards) where we have the picnic table. That bush is a lilac. I can't wait for it to blossom and bloom.

And here we are, looking from the back step towards the garage.
There's the snow!

Can you believe that all last week there was a puddle all the way out to those boards? I put them down to get around it--and then, yesterday morning, I woke up and poof! It was gone. It's like the ground thawed over-night.

See that shed to the left of the garage? That's where we have our bikes. Looks like we'll have to dig them out if we want them!


Becolorful said...

That snow will be gone with just a few warm days. I sometimes get frustrated looking at blogger's from warmer regions photos. I swear they have flowers all year long. We have snow piles and sand and brown grass until April for sure. You will have to show us your backyard again in another few weeks. it will look drastically different I am sure.
Thanks for commenting and reinforcing our decision to go with the charcoal walls in my husband's office. I love drama but thought it might be a bit much.

scb said...

Oh wow! Look at all that bare ground! We still have a fair bit of snow in the yards around here. That dirty striated stuff that looks absolutely horrible. But it's going! (I'm scared to say that too loudly though!)

This is great.

onshore said...

We certainly do have more snow than you! I want it to melt! But we did get lot more snow than normally on this winter, so it should take longer to melt. Anyway it should go allready!

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