Monday, April 4, 2011

Hybrid Cure, Week One: Diagnosis, Vision and Planning

In my early twenties, I stayed with my Aunt for a few weeks during the summer while I looked for an apartment. I found it so odd that one night every week she would announce to her family: "the cleaning lady is coming tomorrow! Everybody, clean up!"

But, though I don't have a cleaning lady, I understand it now. I am planning on doing this big Spring Cleaning project--but before I begin, I shall have to clean the house!

All four of us have been here all week and we haven't lifted a single finger to stay on top of ourselves. Well, OK, I did do dishes--but only on an as-needed basis. So, the first thing I need to do is tidy up. Clear the surfaces, do all the dishes, sweep, swish and swipe. Then I can get on with the Grand Plans, below.

Here is part of the Grand Plan for this week:

Read pages 1 - 51 of Apartment Therapy, The Eight Week Cure, by Maxwell Gillingham Ryan (M G-R).

On pages 42 to 44, there's "The Interview." It's a series of questions designed to help you define what you want from your home.

On page 48 is a quiz designed to pinpoint problems in your home.

I will do both and report the results of the quiz and anything that may be pertinent from the Interview. I don't like the interview. I never have, but that has more to do with the fact that I refuse to pick favourites than with the interview itself.

Read Chapter One.
Create a mission statement for my home. Post images which illustrate it.

Create cleaning checklists for each room.
Make up a repair list for each room.
Post daily de-clutter spots.

Each will be posted on Sunday or Monday as the week for each room comes up.

Clean out existing Out-box.
Make up menus for the month. Shop on Tuesday for pantry and freezer items.
Create a "Cure" binder or file to house mission statement, checklists, pictures, measurements, etc.

So, based loosely on AT's Eight Week Cure, here's the plan for my own hybrid:

Week One: Whole house, plan repairs and cleaning chores, create vision, prepare.

Week Two: Kitchen, clean, declutter, repairs.

Week Three: Front and back entries, interior and exteriors (weather permitting). Clean, declutter, organize and pack away winter stuff. Tackle closets.

Week Four: Living Room, thoroughly clean (including sofas and chairs), declutter, swap out winter decor for summer.

Week Five: Dining Room/Home Office: clean, declutter, deal with computer files.

Week Six: Bathrooms (up and down): clean, declutter, price repairs.

Week Seven: Bedroom, clean, declutter, create vision for make-over. Build headboard. Switch out winter/summer clothes, weather permitting.

Week Eight: Laundry Room and Storage spots in basement--make sure everything is cleared out and areas are clean and tidy.

I'm so happy some of you want to join me. Looking forward to hearing about your plans.


scb said...

It is so good to have a hands-on leader! I like the way you're heading with this. I will tweak the weekly goals with my own needs in mind and will do a post in the near future.

Lauren said...

Good luck! Sounds like the makings of a genius plan.

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