Saturday, April 16, 2011

Hybrid Cure Week 3: The Entry Way

You guys have done a stellar job this week! I'm so impressed. Next week is an interesting one. I can get quite easily distracted by the "Heart" tasks in this week--they have really helped me create comfortable, stylish, and liveable rooms.

As I analysed my collection of pictures of entry ways, I realised I was drawn to two very distinct styles.

The first is the "dresser + mirror (or artwork)." Other than providing a surface for incoming and outgoing mail, it is the least functional kind of landing strip.

The hall table with baskets for storage and/or a bench or stool underneath is slightly more functional (with the bench, you now have a place to sit while pulling on your boots) but it is more an opportunity for a style statement than a place to properly handle all your comings and goings.

The second kind I would install in a heartbeat--had I room at the back door. It's the "locker" style of cabinets--known to me previously as the mudroom.

This is extremely functional--and, in some cases, quite attractive, but, not, I fear, very stylish.

Here is an image from Martha Stewart which tries to marry functionality with style.

I'm not entirely sure it's successful.

Nonetheless, here is The List of Things To Be Done.

First up, MG-R:

From The Book:
In Apartment Therapy, The Eight Step Cure, by Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan, Week Three introduces the landing strip. The following is from p. 103.

Vacuum, dust, and mop (wet or dry) throughout your home.
Clean your entrance and any related closets.
Arrange to have all repairs taken care of in the next three weeks.

Declutter your entrance.
Move all old mail, catologs, and magazines to the Outbox.
Look into what you would need to create a landing strip.
Cancel any unused prescriptions.

Identify cool rooms and warm rooms.
Apply the 80/20 rule.

Cook two meals at home this week.
Design an Invitation for your housewarming.

Now, the list that follows is exclusively mine. I have two entries to the house: front and back, and niether are adequate. The list is long and overly ambitious. I will have to go through it again and prioritize what I'm going to get done. Nonetheless, perhaps it will be useful to you--or at least help you come up with your own, suitable for your space!

Front (Exterior)
Wash steps
Wash aluminum door (screen door)
Wash down mail box and light fixture
Wash door frame and lintel
Put out plants (weather permitting)
Replace door mat (if necessary)

Front (Interior)
Declutter cleaning cupboard
Put up seasonal artwork in front hall
Wash/dry clean winter coats and snow pants
Paint front door yellow (weather permitting)
Look into purchasing and installing new door handle

Back (Exterior)
Wash screen door
Look into replacing it
Wash door, paint interior white

Back (Interior)
Clean walls
Clean stairs
Paint stairs white


Front Hall cabinet
Coat closet
Sort through and pack away winter gear
Top drawer, white dresser
Baskets at back entry

Good luck everyone. I'll do a post about my Kitchen progress just as soon as I do some work today!

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scb said...

Great list of "possibilities" for Week Three. I have to say that I consider drycleaning parkas and snowpants and putting away winter gear before June as just asking for trouble! ;-)

I did a bit of work on my new improved Landing Strip today, because I needed to be doing something this afternoon, and it had to be something where I could keep relatively clean because I'm going out for dinner tonight. (A friend and I did yeoman work on the storage room this morning, and I showered afterwards. Must stay clean now!)

I'd like to see the houses where they have enough room for those wonderful mud-room style setups at the back door. ... ... ...

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