Thursday, April 21, 2011

Mirror Love

I have always had a hard time with my foyer.

The earliest pictorial record of the space in question is 2006. During the Fall Cure, I painted the cabinet black and installed two grey candle sconces beside a lovely print in an ornate soft silver frame. Some of you may remember.

I loved it: but any time I lit the candles, the one on the left sputtered and left traces of wax on the wall. And, as with anything, after a few years I wanted a change. I painted the cabinet yellow: that livened things up.

But, though that look lasted for a few years (though, of course, I can't find a decent picture to upload!), eventually, I moved the print upstairs. It took me a long time to find something I liked--and that fit the space well.

One of my favourites was this:

Please pardon the mess. This is obviously a "before" but I can't find the "after." A shame, I liked this combination of the painting with the glass candlesticks.

But, I don't think the picture fit the space all that well.

Just before I painted the foyer, I had this:

If you remember, I wanted to paint this mirror frame and couldn't decide what to do.

This is how things looked at the beginning of the week:

Last night, the husband and I took a trip to Home Depot to look at a different mirror--and today, I have this:

Yes, those are the same letters waiting to be mailed.

The mirror could be larger: but I love the frame--and it was the only size available. And hey, it was $19.99.

I may replace the orange/red Ikea shade and tin with ones in either blue or green.

We'll see.

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scb said...

Gorgeous mirror! Great frame. My two cents is that I really like the color of the lampshade and the tin, but then, that's me. They look bright pink to me, which could be why I like them so much with the silver of the frame.

LOJO said...

that really is a great mirror frame..... I wish I had an entry way- that way I would really have a landing strip instead of my dining room table....

onshore said...

Beautiful mirror and i think it's good size.

It's good you've saved atleast some pictures from the past, nice to see how it has changed over time.

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