Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Week One: The Plan

The overflowing outbox in the basement. I removed the black garbage bag with the small white bag on top of it today--about 10 lbs of clothes--just so I could say I did!

Week One
: Whole house, plan repairs and cleaning chores, create vision, prepare.

From the book, Apartment Therapy: The Eight Step Home Cure, by Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan.

Make a complete list of repairs and solutions
Vacuum and mop floors

Remove one item from your home.
(I am actually going to be more ambitious and do my best to clear out the area above completely):

Buy Fresh Flowers

Sit for ten minutes where you never usually sit
Look into earth friendly cleaning products.

Create Mission Statement with supporting photos
Type up cleaning checklists for each room
Make up decluttering plan.

I searched through the Apartment Therapy site and found a page with all the worksheets from the book listed here. I like to print out the Repair sheet, put it on a clipboard and walk from room to room noting what needs to be fixed.

By the by, feel free to copy and paste this post to report on your progress at the end of the week, if you want.

Tomorrow, I plan to work on my mission statement and gather up a few illustrative photos. That will be fun.

I plan on doing my before photos at the beginning of the week the room comes up--and that's just because, as I mentioned before, the house is just a sty at the moment.


onshore said...

Thanks for the link to the AT worksheets. And thanks for visiting my blog.

Do you have a charity shop near by? Are all those things on the picture leaving? You have lots to donate.

I noticed that I cannot go to my own blog from work. My blog is classified as adult content :) I can go to the maintenance page of it, but not on the actual blog. I quess it's because the word "hore" is in the addres line :D How corny.

scb said...

I've posted my Before Pictures, and I'm working on my Mission Statement. I really like the Mission Statement idea!

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