Saturday, April 23, 2011

Hybrid Cure Week 3: Progress Report

A good week.

I am quite relieved to have done what I have done. Funny how I never notice until it's all cleared away, just how tense my body is when the surfaces around me are cluttered.

To have done what I have done this week is almost as relaxing as having gone on vacation. More, actually, because I don't have to unpack (and deal with the mess that makes!)

So, in pictorial review, I present to you (some of) what I did this week:

Removed the shovels and snowflakes from the window, swept the steps, wiped down the mailbox, outdoor light, and screen door.

As per Leena's suggestion painted the inside of the front door the same colour as the trim. I love it. Thanks Leena! (No, I didn't paint anything green, the tape is still on the door.)

I'm so pleased with this, I'm showing it off, again:

Hung a new mirror. Put out an old plate. Put some palm fronds in a vase.

Opposite it is an old telephone alcove.

I put this donkey here for Holy Week. He may just be staying.

In honour of scb's love of pink, I made the dresser around the corner coordinate with the cabinet in the front hall.

I found a new home for the wood drawers and put back my daughter's basket. I love this duck I found at Homesense a few weeks ago.

I decluttered the top two drawers in this dresser and the coat closet opposite.

The stairs got vacuumed and washed but the risers didn't get painted.

I did wash the floor in the front hallway area. I'm quite pleased about that.

Then, I put on this "Floor Refresher" by Bona and it put a soft sheen on the poor floor.

I was trapped in the living room for an hour while it dried. I watched commentaries for Season 4 of Mad Men.

The back door area hasn't seen any progress since I ripped out the linoleum and painted the door at the beginning of the week.

And that is that. I'm on a roll, now, and don't want to stop. Good thing we have Living Room week coming up!


Anne (no longer in Reno) said...

Ooh, what a list! Great work! I like the door the same color as the trim. How do you feel about the Bona stuff, overall? My floors are thrashed and I have been looking for a good wood cleaner/refresher/savior.

Alana in Canada said...

Thanks! I used Murphy's oil to actually clean it--and the refresher as a "top coat."

I liked it. It doesn't make the floors look like "new" the grey spots are still grey, but overall it's quite nice. I can tell where I used it in the hall--and didn't use it in the Dining room, for example. It may have been even better if I had used the cleaner. As well, I had to put it on with a cloth by hand--you would need a mop much like the one in their "system" to ensure good coverage, otherwise.

I will be using it in the Living room and Dining room/office when the time comes.

scb said...

Fantastic work, Alana!!! I'm so impressed! Painting the door the same color as the trim really brightens the entire area. And thanks for the pink -- I love it. Delightful duck, too. (And you know I've loved that alcove since the moment I saw it in the fall of 2006. The donkey looks happy there.)

Once one gets going, it's hard to stop, isn't it?e

Yay, you!

Becolorful said...

wow. Am I impressed. I love weeks like that. I would be happy with just one day like that right now. Love the new mirror and all those pink touches. Very fun.

As for my post I googled my own blog and it comes up okay on my laptop. I don't know what to tell you but thanks for letting me know because I do have glitches from time to time.
Happy Easter. Oh and I really liked the donkey for Holy Week. Great touch.

onshore said...

Wow again, looks amazing! Love that donkey.

The farm animal features in your home are fun and fresh. I never thought I would like them, but they look so at home in your house.

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