Sunday, May 1, 2011

Week 5: Home Office Week; The Hybrid Plan

Everyone has been quiet since the beginning of the week. I had been starting to feel a bit worn down by everything--but I went on a big shopping trip today, (more on that later) and I'm raring to go again.

I will post the "Official" plan--and then tell you what I really want to accomplish this week which may or may not be similar to the Official Plan.

source: Emily A. Clark This is her home office (and Expedit).

From The Book:
In Apartment Therapy, The Eight Step Cure, by Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan, Week Five deals with the Home Office, however humble it may be. The following is from p. 156.

Take care of repairs this week.
Clean office area and related closets.
Vacuum, dust, and mop throughout.

Declutter files
Tackle cord octopus.
Try a one-day fast.

Buy fresh flowers.
Choose at least one soft or hard thing to add or subtract.

Cook three meals at home this week.
Eat at home Sunday through Thursday.
Go to bed early and read before sleep.
Optional: Look into wireless technology.

Spring Cleaning List:

Dust and wash walls
Dust and wash shelves
Clean baseboards
Clean floor with Murphy’s Oil
Wash/Touch up/paint desk supports
Vacuum screens
Wash windows
Wipe down telephone
Clean moniter
Clean computer keyboard

source: Colour Me Happy. (This is the top of a bookcase of Maria's. Why am I showing you vignettes of the tops of shelves and things? Hmmmm.


Paperwork (toss last years bills, etc.)
Book shelves
Redundant files on computer
Clean out e-mail
China cabinet

Wouldn't it be lovely to get all that done?

source: Made By Girl What is a picture of a bathroom doing in a post about home office week? Simple: I love the curtain. (see below)

In addition to the decluttering I've planned above (and the paperwork may take an entire day) my tasks are:
  • Wash desk
  • Wash windows
  • Vacuum screens
  • Sew curtains for dining room and living room
  • Sew covers for living room chairs
  • Style the top of the Expedit, the China cabinet and the bookcase
  • Wash floors in living room and dining room. (Can you tell I kind of fell behind in cleaning the living room?)

What is in store for you this week?


onshore said...

Yes I agree, I've been feeling bit worn down too. Glad you've found your spirit again.

You have a very ambitious list, but maybe it pushes one to do more, even if there is not time for everything.

I should also sew a cover for the armchair in the office, I doubt I'm going to get it done this week, but if I would atleast buy the fabric.

LOJO said...

love your list.
Real life is getting me down- I have allergies, the boy had his birthday parties last week, a concert this week and 3 different dr. appointments (all reg. check ups) We had horrid storms and lost power multiple times. Our backyard flooded and the river was the highest I have EVER seen here.

I HOPE to be back on the spring cleaning/organizing/cure schedule sometime at the end of the week. Hope being the key word.
I am in awe of your progress and plans though....and I love that home office pic....

scb said...

I've posted my before pics, but that post isn't showing in your list, even though I posted them yesterday. How very odd.

I'll be doing another post about specific plans for the week, but I *have* done a post since 5 days ago!

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