Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hybrid Cure: Bedroom Progress

When I came up the stairs with the camera in my hand this morning, this is what I saw when I looked through my bedroom door.

I actually haven't done all that much, but all of last week I was in the midst of sorting the clothes from winter to summer.

Now that that's done and everything is packed away, it feels like there's been a great improvement!

The clothes were all over this little loveseat. Unfortunately, you can see my storage boxes underneath it.

I have vacuumed the floor and dusted and washed the surfaces. I have vacuumed the lampshades and the window screen.

I vacuumed the box spring and mattress, and flipped the mattress. I changed out the bedding from its winter covering of sheets and a duvet to its summer attire of sheets, a blanket and my Matelasse quilt I've had for years and years.

The quilt at the foot of the bed was made by my great grandmother. It is beginning to get quite fragile. I may not leave it out.

And there we have it.

Left to do:
1) Wash walls
2) Wash the floor
3) Clean out the closet (maybe)
4) Tidy and declutter the linen closet
5) Plan the changes I want to make in this room. There's quite a few. Stay tuned for that post.


onshore said...

That quilt is so sweet. Could there be a way you could keep it so you'll see it but it wont get touched so often?

I like how light and open your bedroom feels, it's kind of innocent looking.

onshore said...

I assumed from the text that you would not like to see the storage boxes under the sofa. Why not paint them, or cover them with some nice wallpaper, then it wouldn't matter if you see them. Or you could also make a slip cover for the sofa that goes almost to the floor, it would hide the boxes.

Or declutter and have the stuff relocated :)

Anne At Large said...

This already looks darn good! I can see how you might still want to change it around but I agree with onshore, I love how light and airy it feels!

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