Friday, May 20, 2011

Summer Project List

The list is long.

Too long.

(But not as long as that at Young House Love. Yeesh!)

At this point in every cure, all the plans that I have made--and the projects I expected myself to do--sit, mocking me. Some of them are still on the list from past cures. It really is time to do something about it!

Target date for completion: September 2011. I will post this post as a link in the sidebar and update this post as tasks become completed.

So, here is the list, in its entirety, arranged by room.

Living Room:

Install trim on wall above fireplace
(carried over to Winter Project List)

Sew curtain panels
purchased new instead. October.
Movin' and Shakin'

re-cover rocking chair cushion
(dropped from list)

paint Poang chair
(dropped from list)

find or create new artwork for gallery wall above Sofa.
(done. August)

put slipcover on couch
done! 06/03/11
A Small Thing

find and purchase new 8x10 rug
done! Found one on the curb, actually.
Inspiration: The Living Room

Dining Room:

Lengthen curtains
done! October 24th.
"New" Curtains

Create art
done May 28, 2011.
Bird Art


paint upper cabinets white (BM Cloud White)
done! October

paint window trim white (BM Cloud White)
done! October

decide on paint colour for walls
(carried over to Winter Project List)

paint walls
(carried over)

Back Hallway:

scrape popcorn off of ceiling
(carried over)

paint walls BM Edgecomb Grey
(carried over)

Paint doors and trim BM Cloud White
(carried over)

Downstairs Bathroom:

remove old bath tub and shower surround
done! November 24, 2011
Tales from the Tub Surround

fix wall
done. November/December

find and purchase black decorative and finishing tile
(dropped from list.)

install tile
carried over

purchase new fixtures for sink
dropped from list. May not be necessary.

install new fixtures
(dropped from list)

Master Bedroom:

choose new paint colour
(carried over)

paint room
(carried over)

make headboard
bought a bed frame instead. 06/10/11
The Big Bed

recover loveseat
(dropped from list)

make new bedskirt
(dropped from list)

purchase new Duvet cover
(carried over)

create height for hubby's bedside table
(carried over)

paint our bed side tables
(dropped from list)

One thing I did do this week--TA DA! and before I even had a chance to put it on this list. It waited patiently all winter, too--

Can you tell?
Sorry about that nasty before shot.
Hmm. A shovel and a broom, though seasonal, may not be the best of decor at the front door!

Now, to get on a ladder and do the trim on that roof line.



Colleen said...

wow that is a lot of projects! I can't wait to see the results, and I have to say I'm jealous because I can't even formulate a list of projects in my head despite the fact there are lots of areas of the house that need work...

Sallie @ Texas Cottage said...

Oh my! Your summer to-do list looks like mine. I hope you get most, if not all of it done.
Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. Come back anytime and become a follower!

scb said...

Your list is impressive! I'll be cheering for you as you whittle away at it, and eagerly awaiting the results!

(I'm glad I'm not the only one who didn't quite get to everything in this Cure!)

The trim around the door looks great, and the shovel and broom could symbolize the industry with which you'll be tackling projects this summer... ... ... *grin*

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