Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Container Gardening

Last fall, I purchased two containers to flank the front steps. I have no idea what to plant in them, of course.

BHG developed a short little quiz to help me figure it out.

This is what they came up with when at Question 6 I picked "modern" over "country."

A: Boxwood (Buxus 'Winter Gem') -- 1

B: Golden creeping Jenny (Lysimachia nummularia 'Aurea') -- 3

C: Dragon Wing Red Begonia -- 3

Here's what happened when I chose "Country" (and kept all other responses the same.)

A: Honeybush ( Melianthus major) -- 1

B: Licorice plant (Helichrysum petiolare 'Licorice Splash') -- 2

C: Variegated geranium (Pelargonium 'Dolly Vardon') -- 1

D: Variegated geranium (Pelargonium 'Crystal Palace Gem') -- 1

I wish I had known not to buy the containers, first! They are nothing like either of these. Oh well.

And of course, I have absolutely no idea whether I can even get any of these plants here: or whether, if I started them from seed, they would even have time to grow.


Anne At Large said...

Eh, go to your local garden center and get some local equivalents. It's not that serious, they're plants ;)

If you have a container you like you should have no problem filling it easily, the combo is usually just tall/short/fluffy and the boxwood and begonias are so common your local nursery could probably find them for you with their eyes closed.

Replicating plant suggestions down to the named variety can be really tough since there are SO many, I like to use that type of recommendation as a loose guideline.

onshore said...

I agree with Anne, just go to your local plase and see what they are having. Take different shades of green and something tall and something small.

Also try to find plants that will grow well on the spot you are planning to put them. If it's very sunny spot you'll need different plants than to a very shady spot.

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