Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Reason I Like to Spring Clean

the home office/dining/craft room in need of love and care

True, it gives me the opportunity to hyper-focus on my house and do all sorts of wonderful projects: but at heart, it it really the opportunity to empty out the rooms, clean and refresh them--and then reappoint them with love and care.

I just figured that out, actually, courtesy of The Nester. She's written a wonderful post today about "How to Quieten the House" and it is good advice. I plan to follow her steps this week while dealing with both the living room and home office/dining/craft room.

I just wanted to pass it along to you while I work on my menus for the month in prep for the Big Shop this evening.
(grumble, grumble.)


scb said...

Thank you so much for the link to "How to Quieten the House". I loved that. I immediately shared it with a friend who is also decluttering (the wonderful friend who has carted away all my garage sale stuff!)

onshore said...

I think this years spring clean is making more chaos than there was before :) I have so many big ideas that I'm forgetting the actual cleaning.

Thanks for the great link! The procedure given in the link seems very practical.

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