Sunday, May 15, 2011

Hybrid Cure Week 7: The Bedroom

*The "e" key on my keyboard isn't working too well. Please forgive me if I don't catch a dropped "e" here and there!

vacuuming the box spring before I flip the mattress.

I am very anxious for bedroom week to begin. On Friday, I vacuumed my bedroom and my son's room. I also vacuumed and flipped his mattress, changed the mattress pad and washed all his bedding--including the pillows. It felt so good to get it done!

I'm probably going to spend most of my energy giving the same treatment to my daughter's room (Monday) and my own. I also will be focusing on purchasing the tile we need for the bathroom project and seeing about getting a hole in a wall in the bathroom fixed. After that, I want to concentrate on the garden this week. So, I'm not like to do a whole lot on Maxwell's list.

source: Cote de Texas

On p. 208 of Apartment Therapy, the Eight Step Home Cur, MG-R would have us do this:

Clean the bedroom and related storage
Buy an air filter for your bedroom.
Buy new sheets, pad, or mattress as needed.

Declutter the bedroom.
Arrange the bed against the best wall.


Makes sure your bedroom inspires you.

Look into ways to improve your sleep.
Optional: Outfit your bed to reduce allergens.

source: Pottery Barn. I love the colours in this quilt.

The Spring Cleaning List:

Wash walls
Dust furniture
Wash floor
Dry clean duvet
Wash pillows
Rotate mattress
Wash mattress pads, bed skirt and duvet cover
Wash heavy winter blankets and store

source: our suburban cottage I always think of this image as the "doable," budget version of the version by Joanie at Cote de Texas above.

Declutter spots:

the clothes closet
Change out winter clothes for summer
Inventory Sheets and pillowcases and discard what isn't needed.
I've heard it recommended that you should have three sets per bed including the guest bed.
Organize the linen cupboard

Sarah Richardson via HGTV

What will you be doing this week?


scb said...

Love your inspiration pics!

I take it you're not going to be doing much, if any, redecorating this go round? No build-a-headboard plans or anything?

I've posted my Start to the week.

(And I can help you with those missed letter Es, my E key sticks, and so I get extras all the time, and I'm always having to go back and remove them. I'll send 'em to you! LOL

Alana in Canada said...

Thanks! I love "e"s. I want to build a headboard--just not next week.

onshore said...

lovely plan, atleast here it feel very summery (except today, today it's raining) so outdoors activity is a very good choice.

I also think I'm going to rechedule the making of the headboard for sometime after this cure.

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