Thursday, July 8, 2010

15 Minute Daily De-clutter, The Thursday Edition

One of the most wonderful features of Aby's course, Quick and Simple Clutter Control, is the daily challenge to de-clutter for 15 minutes. While the course is running, Aby encourages us to post our accomplishment for the day--and there's a place to post pictures, too.

Even though the course will be starting soon, (July 15, in fact), I didn't want to wait to begin: especially as my drawers are starting to look like this:

In addition to dish cloths and towels (essential to a kitchen where the dishwasher is human) I stored paper bags and old bread bags in here. The drawer above is where those two items ought to be stored, so they were easy to remove.

I wanted to find a home for two additional kinds of cloths: the micro-fibre cloths and some old bar towels we purchased to wipe up spills from the floor. The former had no home. I've only recently discovered how wonderful they are. Until today, what we had was kept by my husband with the car cleaning supplies. As for the towels, I kept them in the cleaning/utility closet which is chocker block full (and will feature in the daily de-clutter shelf by shelf).

I was pleasently surprised to find I had room for all of it.

Why didn't I do this a long time ago?

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