Monday, May 31, 2010

Organizing the Camping Trip

Every year we go camping.

Every year I am more or less organized. This year, I plan to be as organized as I can possibly be.

I thought it would be a good idea to make up a traveling binder/notebook with the following forms:

1) Before we leave checklist (from OH)
2) Itinerary (self generated)
3) First Aid Checklist (OH)
4) Camping Supplies checklist (self generated) (OH has some as well)
5) Camping clothing checklist (self-generated) (again, OH is an excellent resource.)
6) Menu plans for 10 days (last page of Motivated Moms housekeeping checklist: there's lots available on the web)
7) Pantry List (the list of groceries to pack according to the menu plan)
8) Pockets and page protectors with tourism information.

So where are we going?

Here, mostly:
photo coutesty of msnbc.

The last two weeks of June cannot come soon enough.

1 comment :

LOJO said...

that pic is great- makes me ALMOST want to go camping.

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