Tuesday, July 20, 2010

15 Minute De-clutter, Tuesday Edition

Super simple and fast today.

Two drawers, both in the kitchen.

First up is the storage container drawer. I know most folks keep theirs in their cabinets, but with so little cabinet space, I prefer to keep mine in a deep drawer. It works well.

Last summer, I purchased Rubbermaid's "Easy Find Lid" storage system and got rid of 90% of my other containers.
I like the fact that they are square (square containers use space more efficiently than round) and I love the "snap together" feature: It allowed me to stack three containers in a "tower of condiments" while we were camping. The lids are also easy to get on and off (not a feature found with every food storage container) and I like the little "handles" on the containers themselves. The fact that the lids come in essentially three sizes (though I have five different sized containers) in another wonderfully efficient feature.

Nonetheless, the dog loves the flexible plastic of the lids. So, today the job was to sort what had lids, what didn't and contact rubbermaid to get more lids.

I needed five lids.

I called the Canadian Customer service number: and alas and alack, no lids. Rubbermaid doesn't make them available separately any more.

Bah and humbug.

The second drawer is the "wrap" drawer.

Years and years ago I had purchased a wall mounted container which housed rolls of wrap. You simply unrolled it from the container itself. It looked like nothing as sleek as this, but this is the same general idea:

Unfortunately, not realizing my garage-sale find had been rare, I got rid of it when I moved west--and I looked and looked for another one. Frankly, I had no idea how one stored and used wrap without one. One day, I was at a friends while she was cleaning up after a meal. She had one of those huge beautiful kitchens--and I saw her reach into a drawer and take out the box of plastic wrap and use it. It was revolutionary. I rushed home and quickly cleared out a drawer and put my boxes of wrap into it.

But the drawer became full of crap that didn't belong, like this junk:

The big reveal:

And, that's a wrap.

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