Monday, July 12, 2010

UYL, Monday Part 2: The "Reception Station"

Like most people, we have two entry ways: one at the front door and one at the back. Both are inadequate. We have done our best, however.

I cleaned the walls and the floor in the front entryway and decided that I need to paint it a more cheerful and welcoming colour. (It looks yellow, I know. But the hall is actually a yellow-green. It was rainy and dark, today. This light yellow is the colour it should be!)

I'm afraid I ran out of energy to do much at the back. It actually exists in two parts.

The first is this, right at the door. Here are hooks for coats and a new addition: the wall pocket hanger.

It's great for holding my husband's safety glasses, our gardening gloves and miscellaneous items the dog loves to chew! In this picture, a key rack is on the wall to the right, and the wall to the left looks like this:

We did discuss putting up more hooks for hats and baseball gloves in the back entry-way--and a different arrangement for the leash and dirty dog paws towel. But, I realised, I want to paint, here, too. And the old holes need to be spackled and old spackle needs to be sanded.

The second part is inside the kitchen, behind the door to the back entry.

I'm not sure I even need this space anymore. (It was great place for the kids to hang up their coats when they were younger!)

So, it has defeated me, once again, for now.

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