Saturday, July 24, 2010

Saturday: From To Do to Ta Da: Checking off the list.

Here is the original list. Everything completed is in orange.

Take picture and list for sale:
  • Tae Kwon Do sparring gear
  • Dog crate: Sold!
  • Dog house

  • two large speakers with speaker wire: gone!

  • Kids' dental appointments
  • Chris and I for bloodwork
  • kids' for swim lessons in August at pool

  • sign up son for animation lessons at City Arts Centre
  • kids' and Chris's eye appointments
  • daughter for music lessons


  • Rubbermaid kitchen drawer. Match lids to bottoms. E-mail Rubbermaid and see if they'll send replacement lids
  • Kitchen drawer full of bags and tubes of wraps
  • Spend 15 minutes on book sorting
  • list everything to go to eco-centre. Start collecting items.
  • remove rocking chair from kitchen

  • supervise 15 minutes of decluttering in kids' rooms
  • Start planning next academic year
  • have kids re-start their math today
  • write out goals
  • plan this week

Canadian History:

  • pick a topic
  • begin research
  • pick up drycleaning! ($87.00 yikes.)
  • shop for produce on menus
  • see list

  • replace bunt out lightbulbs

oh what the heck, the Errand List:
Home Improvement Store:
  • rubber feet for step ladder
  • 8 hooks for hallway
  • screen kit for upstairs bathroom window (see below)
  • small extension cord for microwave
  • 6 small buttons for shirt
  • soap dispensers for hand soap and dish soap for kitchen counter
I added a few things: Declutter:
  • clean out craft drawer

  • purchase dividers for junk drawer
  • return items to Ikea


  • Find tote or basket for magazines
  • set up charging station


  • Measure existing window
  • See what supplies we have
  • make a list of what we need
  • purchase what's needed
  • build and install screen
Hooks in back hall:
  • plan position of boards on wall
  • measure and mark board
  • cut board
  • prime and paint board grey
  • mount hooks on board
  • mount board to wall
So, everything in black is my "Weekend" Finishing list--as well as some housework tasks.

I'm exhausted though and it hurts to bend my head. We'll just have to see what gets done.

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