Wednesday, July 21, 2010

De-Cluttering, Wednesday Edition

Sometimes a de-cluttering project will take more than 15 minutes. It took me 25 minutes to get these books sorted into three categories: books to sell at the bookstore down the road, books to sell at a homeschool curriculum store, and books to donate to our church. Oh, and there was a fourth: books to donate to charity.


To: (And sometimes some decluttering projects just aren't a visual "wow.")

I also went through all our paint cans and put aside those that can't be used any longer. We took them to our city's Eco-Centre, along with batteries, lightbulbs, ink jet printer cartridges, an old coffee maker, an old CD player, the old VCR, (how long has that been hanging around?) a keyboard, and the microwave which quit about two weeks ago. I was quite happy to be rid of it all.

I finally got the rocking chair out of the kitchen: but I created another mess!
It wasn't on any "TO DO" list anywhere. Not the weekly list. Not the master list.

Yes, the infamous junk drawer.

Really what do I need to keep in here?
  • Flower food. Yes
  • twist ties, yes
  • birthday candles and holders, for sure.
  • plastic bread catchers, of course.
  • old milk jug lids? well, yes. Hubby uses them to hold up eggs while he's cooking.
  • allen keys? Weeeel, yes, but how many?

and so on and so on.

Where did everything go?

I took the tools to the toolbox. I took the hardware down to the basement where it belongs. As for everything else? The garbage, I imagine. I really have no idea. This is obviously not the "final" after shot: now that I've eliminated the junk from the junk drawer I can get the little organizing containers and drawer separating bits which will make this purty.

Stay tuned.

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