Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Productice and Happy?

This is a great article from Zen Habits: How to be Insanely Productive and Still Keep Smiling.

I have agreed to write yet another chapter on spec for (what I am calling) the Canadian History project. Essentially, it is to be a book on Canadian History, arranged chronologically in narrative form for children between the ages of 8 and 14 (or so). I am torn, mentally torn in 100 different directions at once. I know that once I settle into it, it will be easier to get everything pulling in the same direction, but until then, what a struggle! It's exactly the author's first point.

  1. Make peace within.
    Most people live in a constant state of inner conflict and suffer from a barrage of negative thoughts that sabotage productivity.

    Here’s a scenario: Imagine that your car has landed in a ditch. A group of helpers gather, attach ropes and start to pull the car out. Unfortunately, they’re not all pulling in the same direction. Some try to pull the car toward the road, whereas others try to pull it deeper into the ditch. It’s absurd.

    That’s exactly what happens when we’re divided within: everything is a struggle, nothing much happens, and it’s frustrating. But what if your mind, body, and soul are all aligned?

    When our energy is aligned, we are in a state of flow.

    When we’re at peace within, and immersed in the task at hand – without negative thoughts sabotaging our productivity – action becomes effortless. We’re able to achieve much more in less time. And with more enjoyment.

    Tip: Wear an elastic wristband. Whenever you notice negative thoughts, change your wristband to the other arm. This will help you to create and maintain peace within.

Please read the whole thing at Zen Habits. It's well worth it.

So, without further ado, as Doland recommended, here is my Monday Morning List (on Tuesday) of things to do this week. I found that having items carrying over from last week not only feels awful, but doesn't leaver much room (in my head) for new tasks. That may not be a good thing.

To Do List
July 27-31, 2010

  • C and I for blood work
  • kids' and C's eye appointments
  • E’s music lessons
  • E’s horse riding
  • clean out craft drawer
  • clean out kitchen cabinet by the fridge
  • clean out baking shelf
  • reorganize and label pantry shelves
  • file papers for 15 minutes
  • go through curriculum shelf and sort items to sell
  • Start planning next academic year
  • write out goals
  • kids: math everyday
Canadian History:
  • Research
  • Write out timeline of events
  • mind-map events to include
  • outline
  • Write
  • Return items to Ikea
  • Take curriculum items to L.
  • Find tote or basket for magazines
  • Get dog's nails clipped
  • see list
  • weed garden
  • make up grocery list
  • make up menu plans for August
  • Build and install screen

Hooks in back hall:
  • Paint boards grey
  • Mount hooks on board
  • Mount board to wall
E’s Room:
  • Mount curtain hardware
  • Sew curtain

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