Monday, July 12, 2010

Unclutterer: The Week

Day One, Monday:

I read Unclutter Your Life in One Week by Erin Dolan last week.

It is written as though Dolan expects you to de-clutter in seven consecutive days, which is probably impossible for the average person who needs this book. However, in the introduction, she writes much more reasonably, that it took her seven days over the course of six months to unclutter her life. The "seven days" thing, then, is just a marketing ploy.


Dolan suggests you tackle your closet(s) and everything related to your clothes on Day One. During the evening you are to clear out, clean and create a "reception station" from the entry way.
The book also delineates things to do related to your office job, but since I don't have one, I'm going to skip those bits entirely.


This Morning.

The Clothing.

I made a list of things which need to be done.

1) Go through the coat closet

and sort into what can be washed at home:

and what needs to go to the drycleaners:

2) Go through my clothes closet

I took out maybe three things, total, even though there are exactly three things I can wear in here. It's my Inspiration Closet.

I went through all the stuff in my drawers and under my bed when I did the season switch just a month or so ago. I'm good with what I did then.

3) Go through the sock bucket.

4) Bag up donations.

Strangely enough, just this morning, I got a call from the charity which picks up items--and they want to come Wednesday! How great is that?

So, there will be these waiting for them.

True confession: I keep an area in the basement laundry room dedicated to donations. This isn't just from today, but the past few months! BUT: there may be even more tomorrow.

next up: Entryway

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