Friday, July 9, 2010

15 Minute De-clutter, Friday Edition

You know you're into being domestic when the first thing you do in the morning is google "aprons."

Isn't this lovely?
I'm strongly considering it.It's from apronsandmore at etsy

The first time I took QSCC, the concept of clearing until I was in my "clutter comfort" zone was revolutionary to me. This morning, I reviewed our class notes and was reminded of it again. What a freeing notion. I don't have to clear and clean until things are "company-ready" (and then "pretend" to inoculate them against future "contamination" (and use) as some suggest). No, I need only clean and clear up until the "noise" of the space is calmed. I need only lower the volume. That was today's goal. I took pictures of all the places which are too loud for me. They're all shouting, "Help! Do something, we're drowning."

So, I resolved today would be a 15 minute day. I would set the timer and work on an area until the timer went. If the timer didn't go off before I was finished, I'd just move on to the next spot.

Here's how it went.

1st 15 minute session:

Well, to be honest, when the first 15 minutes ran out, I wasn't quite through, so I worked at it until it was done. It only took another ten minutes.

2nd session:
This is always a hotspot. It's the place I put things on their way either into or out of the bathroom and the closet. It's also the place for my daughter's stuff on it's way up the stairs. That basket was a recent addition--I love that basket! It's for my daughter's thousand things.

I didn't get a before shot of this area.

3rd Session: This area has been begging to be cleared off for more than a month, now. But as the kids had their Conservatory Exams only a few days before we left, I didn't want to disturb anything until we got back. But, as you can see, clutter creep had already started to happen.

I think I want to put something decorative here.

That was my morning. I didn't get nearly as much done as I'd wanted.

After lunch, it took a full 15 minutes to get the table in the dining room cleared off:

From catastrophe:

To calm:

I set the timer again immediately and kept going and started in on the desk (and a bit of shelf)

From cacophany:

To symphony:

I didn't time clearing up these areas: but I doubt they took 15 minutes even taken together.


Undeniably gratifying, though.

And then, the Frog. I really ought to have done this first, since it is the chore I hate the most (yes, even more than dishes). I loathe filing. In fact, I haven't even done it, yet. I'm just preparing my pictures and writing this post as a break.

What I started with (a backlog from before we left plus everything I hadn't even looked at which arrived while we were gone):

and what's still left, even after 25 minutes:

Quite the day, really.

Morning: 55 minutes.
Afternoon: 70 minutes (Yes, I know it's not divisible by 15. I was interrupted and had to run to make it to the chiropractor!)

I am pleased.

The deck are swabbed: let the sailing begin!

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