Wednesday, April 30, 2008

View E--Recap.

We were quiet. We didn't bother anybody. We just sat here silently, waiting to be needed. We knew she would come for us eventually. We were patient.

But it was a bit uncomfortable. We were, well, not to complain, but we were a bit cramped in there. So we were happy she came down and started picking some of us up, holding us, putting some of us down in other places. We thought we might see each other again--she's shuffled us around before.

But then, we were told, no, some of us were leaving for good. I heard it from the lampshade, who said she got it from the box of books, who got it from the box of fabric, who got it from the blinds. Where were the blinds? I couldn't see them anywhere. Maybe it was true.

It was only a week later when the bench moved in and I started to get scared. Was nothing special anymore? Didn't we mean anything to her anymore? What happened to everyone? I took some comfort in the hope that she might pile some things on the bench, and she did; but never for long. Most of the stuff that went on the bench went into great big blue bags, up the stairs and then who knows where? Stuff that left in a bag never came back. I was very scared.

There's hardly any of us left, now, after the Great Purge of the Spring Cure 2008. There are very, very few of us left to remember.

I survived, though I was moved to a new corner. There are some nice things over here, and we've all agreed we can breathe better and it's nice not to be so squished.

I've changed though. I talk more now, ask more questions. You never know who might leave next and then you'd always be wondering about them. I ask them: what was their life like upstairs? Why did they get put down here? What was their best moment, stuff like that. Sometimes, I don't get an answer. They say, we may be leaving someday, so why make the effort? But I have a feeling we may be here for a bit. She's putting up curtains and vacuuming, sort of taking care of us again. I like that.

She says most of us went to better places where we could be useful and live upstairs again.

I hope that's true.


zooza said...

Phew, it had a happy ending! I was getting ready to mount a memorial campaign for those lost in the Great Purge.

You've done so well with such a difficult space. I am mightily impressed.

Colleen (CQ in DC / quinncx) said...

wonderful piece. and yes, don't worry, the things that left went on to bigger and better things. I promise!

drwende said...

Oh, I loved this! Clever, moving, and with a satisfying ending.

scb said...

This was wonderful. I loved the story, and I'm so glad it had a happy ending -- and you did so much good work! Yay you!!!

Mella DP said...

Great job, and even greater moral victory. Your stamina perpetually amazes me.

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