Friday, May 2, 2008

Crunching Numbers

Toss Total:
535 lbs.

Donations: 307 lbs
Garbage and recycleables: 228 lbs.

Numbers do not include a dresser left by the curb, nor a chair put out for garbage, but they do include the small fridge which went to my mother's.

57% of the stuff I got rid of was at least 1/2way decent and re-useable. I could feel badly that I got rid of so much "good" stuff, or I can feel good I kept so much out of the land-fill. I choose the latter!

Amount Spent

Living Room:

  • Curtains: $7.00

  • Supplies for the Trunk re-do: $64

  • paint: $16
  • legs: $32
  • Side boards: $16

  • Napkin for pillow: $3.50
  • Pillow: $10.00
  • Lampshade: $25.00
  • DVD holders: $18.00

  • Total: $127.50


  • New duvet cover and shams: $23.00

  • Total: $23.00


  • Plastic Storage bins: $60.00

  • Curtains: $35.00
  • Curtain hardware: $4.50
  • Velcro: $9.00
  • Hanging clothes protector: $14.00
  • 50 clothespins: $2.00
  • Plastic cage for light bulb:$4.00
  • 3 sheets for wall o'shelves curtain project:$12.00

  • Total: $140.50


  • Picture frames: $18.00
  • Shingles for dog house: $20.00

  • Total: $38.00

    Grand Total Spent: $329.00

    If you had told me I would throw out more than 500lbs of stuff, I would have been mildly skeptical, but not disbelieving. But if you had told me I'd spend more than $300.00 this Cure, I would have said, "No way. We can't afford that!" But it's done.

    So, for every pound I tossed, I spent $0.61. (Is that right?)


    Colleen (CQ in DC / quinncx) said...

    absolutely positively unbelievable. I suggest you start offering yourself at a hefty hourly rate to help others achieve these decluttering miracles!

    Alana in Canada said...

    That just might make back what I spent!

    (Actually, I have thought of setting up or joining up with an "organizer/decluttering" company as a sort of part-time thing, but I haven't looked into it at all. I'm not sure such a service even exists in this city--I'm also not sure I want to deal with people's emotions about their stuff.)

    scb said...

    You didn't put the line about

    "Decluttered, functional basement -- priceless"

    Very impressive, Alana!!!

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