Friday, May 2, 2008

The Friday Night Project

It was only supposed to take 10 minutes, tops.

All I wanted to do was clear out the mess on the bottom of the closet and move in dog food, hay and food pellets for the Guinea Pig. (Stocking up so Mom doesn't have to deal with it while we're away.)

However, once everything was out, I was greeted with this mess:

I'm pretty sure it's toilet bowl cleaner. I found the bottle over-turned on the shelf above.

As I was happily scrubbing away at it, it occurred to me that we could put down a piece of the left-over bathroom flooring. A few days ago, as I was cleaning out the coat closet, I noticed that while the floor in the closets is the same hardwood as the rest of the house, it had never been finished. It's like whomever had finished the floors had just kept the closet doors closed, the cheap you-know-whatses.

So, I measured the closet, and went downstairs to measure the left-over flooring, explaining my idea to the husband as I went, and asked him for measuring tape which should have been on my project table. He promptly took over the project arguing with me over how long the piece of flooring ought to be in the closet. However, once I was persuaded that he was indeed right, he continued on with cutting the flooring and I did I don't know what until it was done.

Looks good, though:

Then, almost nothing went back into that space that had come out and here we are, all done. (I also straightened the next to bottom shelf. Obviously, I have to do a few more!)

And here is the coat/broom closet:

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