Wednesday, May 7, 2008

History of Drain Pipe.

How does a drain pipe collapse?

It collapses over time, when it is under a shifting concrete floor, when it is made of clay.

The washing machine and the laundry tub were both originally connected to the hole in the floor on the upper right. (Now covered with a tin can.) It runs under the floor to the floor drain at the lower left--and that, in turn, runs back to the sewer stack (the thing with the black face-plate beside the tin can). When my husband was snaking the pipe from the old laundry/washing machine drain to the floor drain he said he was bringing up bits of mud. That was his evidence that it had "collapsed."

A few years ago we replaced the clay drain pipe that ran from the house to the city's sewer pipe. My husband snaked that thing once a year (we rented a machine) until it became obvious there wasn't any drain he knows the signs.

I'm not sure there is anything we can do to make the laundry tub drain functional again.


Colleen (CQ in DC / quinncx) said...

I nominated you over at the AT Cure thread here for being such an inspiration to our group!

Alana in Canada said...


Thank you Colleen. I don't remember ever being nominated for anything before. That is very sweet.

scb said...

I never heard of a clay drain pipe before. Good grief, I'd collapse, too, if I was made of clay and supposed to carry water... Sorry this has turned out this way.

On a happier note, yay, you for being an inspiration (because you are, definitely). I'm going to follow Colleen's link now...

lorijo said...

I nominated you too! Just watching and reading what you had done got me through this cure. You were doing such good (and hard) work I felt I had to work just to keep up!
EEEEK about the drain.

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