Friday, May 30, 2008

Meme of Me.

Love it! Of course I want to.

What a great way to get back into the swing of things--though, honestly, I have two posts already in the queue. But this is irresistible.

1. What was I doing 10 years ago?
Looking after a seven month old , a husband and a house. My memory is dim--probably sleep deprivation. I do know I had a terrible time adjusting from being single, employed and lonely, to being married with a child. The husband worked at his job and then put in long hours after work at his business. I spent a lot of time at my mother's. It was a tough time.

2. Five non-work things on my to-do list today.

What do we mean by "work?"
For a sahm, it's all work. (Or none of it is.) OK, OK, I'll try.

  • Put away the suitcases. It's a Chinese puzzle fitting various bags inside one another. And we left with two and came home with three. That'll be fun.
  • Go to Ikea and buy four chairs and a table. Strange, but they do not appear to be on the website, though we have seen them here and at the Ottawa Ikea*. The chairs are already assembled, though, so it'll take two cars and no kids to get it all home. (Hooray for my Mother who will lend us her car and keep the kids.)
  • Go to the library. Yay!
  • Drink coffee and enjoy the sunshine.
  • Write up a post about our trip (maybe). Definitely post about GT.

  • 3. Snacks I enjoy

  • peanuts mixed with chocolate chips in a bowl.
  • Cadbury's Burnt Almond dark (and only dark).
  • Yogurt mixed with granola topped with fresh fruit. (Yes, I realise that for most people this is a meal. It's usually my bed-time snack when I'm trying to "eat well." Breakfast is Red River cereal with a teaspoon of brown sugar (a real teaspoon, not a measured one. And nicely rounded) and dried fruit.)
  • that's all you need to know about for now!

    4. Things I would do if I were a billionaire
    I hate these questions. What am I supposed to say? Oh yeah, travel, buy mosquito nets and a goat for all the people in Africa, book a private concert with U2.
    Frankly, any amount of money over $500,000 would probably ruin my life. (With that amount we could be assured of a comfy old age and buy my mother a condo--and travel).

    5. Places I have lived
    Ottawa, Yellowknife, Edmonton, Guelph, Kitchener-Waterloo, London (Ontario) Sarnia.

    6. Jobs I have held
    Food related:
  • A delicatessen. Learned to count back change in a jiffy during the lunch rush.
  • Dairy Queen ice cream maker extraordinaire.
  • Dishwasher at a Spaghetti House.
  • McDonald's. When I went in to quit, the manager told me they were about to make me "Employee of the Month." As if.
  • "Dietary Aide" at a Hospital. (I enjoyed wheeling the snack cart around on the wards in the afternoon. I did not enjoy the six am breakfast slog.)

    School related:
  • Marked papers for five or six intro classes.
  • Taught Introductory Logic (a nightmare).
  • Held the cushiest Grad Student post ever as the "Advisor to Students who have no clue how to write A Philosophy Paper and need to know NOW." Pure fun.

  • Marked exams and packed off study materials for those exams to folks wanting accreditation as Engineers.
  • Worked in two separate accounting offices during tax time.
  • Input data for hours and hours for a Fitness centre. There may have been more, but I doubt it.

    Freelance radio journalist.

  • Baby sat. I took it very seriously. At 13-14, I made $300 in a year at the astonishing rate of $0.75/hour. (Yes, I kept records).
  • An Usher for live theatre as well as the rep theatre which had "Chinese" movies a couple of nights a week. I enjoyed looking at all the variances in the "same" ethnic faces.

    7. Tag
    You're it.

    *What were we doing at the Ikea in Ottawa, you ask? No interesting reason, really. My brother-in-law, cook though he is, did not have a non-stick spatula for his non-stick frying pan. He used a metal one and "turned things very carefully." So, we bought him, not one, but two at Ikea.
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    drwende said...

    For a SAHM, anything that isn't housekeeping and child-rearing is non-work, methinks.

    Yeah, I created peer pressure with my answer on the billionaire question. Thing is, I'm actually not kidding about charity as a means of control; UNICEF, I ain't. :-)

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