Monday, May 5, 2008

This Close--and yet--Too Far.

I'd been noticing sudsy water backing up from the drain in the basement for the last couple of days. Today the husband tried to snake it out and pronounced the drain "has collapsed."

We were able to easily reroute the drain for the washing machine, but there's no way to hook up the laundry tub. Here it is elegantly capped off:

(That's the hose for the laundry tub drain on the right.)

Shattered drains, shattered dreams.


Colleen (CQ in DC / quinncx) said...

oh no, you were so close! is there nothing to be done to fix the drain?

scb said...


lorijo said...

how does a drain collapse- I mean, I get the concept and all, but never have I heard about it happening to someone. Is there anything that can be done?

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