Friday, May 30, 2008


And so glad to be here.

The trip was wonderful but at two and a half weeks, a tad long.

There is so much to say: about the trip, what happened when we were gone (apparently the dog dissappeared for two days and he ate most of my cushions, to boot) to the way the house looked when we got back (wonderful) that I don't know where to start.

However, I have uploaded all my pictures (300+) and this one stood out.

It's from one of our best days: Upper Canada Village on the North shore of the St. Lawrence River. After a bucolic afternoon in the pastoral re-creation of a "typical" village in the 1860's (the kids even milked a cow for the first time and saw a calf less than 24 hours old) we had a picnic supper at Crysler farm (One site of the two pivotal battles of the War of 1812 against the Americans. PS: We won. Really.)


Kim said...

Welcome home! Lovely photo of the village untarnished by war...does anybody actually "win" a war? Sad...sigh.

Alana in Canada said...

Thank you Kim.
Well, we "won" only in the sense that the Americans didn't gain any land from us--of course, the ironic thing is that with the construction of the St. Lawrence Seaway in 1950 all the land that was "saved" was drowned.

That's why the village was created --to preserve the historic buildings of the pre-confederation era.

scb said...

Yay!!!!! You're home!!! I missed you.

Upper Canada Village sounds great -- I had a similar experience of history up close and personal at King's Landing in New Brunswick. It's an excellent way to learn history.

Hey, kids -- I've never milked a cow, and I grew up on a farm (well, it was a grain farm) and I'm ANCIENT!!!

Yay! You're home! (does Snoopy Happy Dance...)

Colleen (CQ in DC / quinncx) said...

welcome back- we've missed you around here!

Anne (in Reno) said...

Glad to see you're back! It seems like you've been gone forever! Can't wait to see more pictures...

drwende said...

She's back! Yay! Oh yay! I've missed your comments literally every day.

Gorgeous pastoral photo.

(And the proof of what happened in that war is that American fantasies of annexing Canada still haven't happened... y'all kept kicking us out.)

Alana in Canada said...

aw heck.
You all know how to make a girl feel welcome.

It's so good to back with my blog friends, again!

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