Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Cord Tidy

They said it would be simple.

They lied.

First the husband had to drill a hole. He went through thin wood and it splintered.

(Perhaps I ought to explain: our computer desk has a pull out shelf. On it, I keep the router along with the keyboard and mouse. That's five cords which had had no chance to be tidy.)

I had to go through solid oak four times to attach the thingy.

I learned:

1) drilling upwards is hard.

2) If something measures out 3 cm larger than the space you have for it, there will be problems. (I had to drill those d*mn holes for the supports a total of eight times.)

3) Tidying cords merely transfers the mess from one place

(the floor) to another (the thingy).

4) You really can finesse a partially stripped screw head with a hand held screwdriver, but you probably shouldn't. (And not with a bum arm through oak.)

But at least the dog can't chew through the computer cords when my mom isn't looking.


scb said...

Oh my -- what a pain to get that all put together (how's your arm?) But it does look good now, and dog-proof. (Be glad you don't have rabbits, they *love* chewing cords. Love 'em with a passion, so I understand. Probably love chewing them even more than your dog does!)

Well done!

Alana in Canada said...

Thank you!

I hope you are feeling better and are all adjusted to your meds and such. I've missed your encouragement...

scb said...

Thanks! I've adjusted well to the meds, Dad had his second cataract surgery yesterday (thank goodness people have only two eyes!), And life should soon be getting back to normal. I hope.

Hopefully I'll be able to find more blogging time now.

Colleen (CQ in DC / quinncx) said...

yay cord management! one trick I learned while tacking the cord monster created by the cable guy- roll up and zip-tie/tape/garbage-bag-twisty the roll to keep things even neater. Just make sure you have enough cord to play with if you need to move the item at some point.
great job though!

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