Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Outstanding To-Do List

We are leaving for our vacation to visit family in about 2 and a half weeks.

(All the time I was writing this post, I'd thought it was a week and a 1/2! That's what you get for putting nebulous symbols on your calendar without explanation. I mistook the asterix for the date our library cards expire for our date of departure. Phew. However, as I was about to hit full scale panic when I hit "publish post," I think I'll just accept the extra week and not try to cram more into the "extra" time.)

So, except for a few things I really want to get done before we leave, I'll be leaving most of this list undone. But I wanted to get them down so I can toss the paper lists!

  • *Wash stairs
  • *Wash (and paint?) shoe shelf
  • Sort kids' artwork
  • Take stuff to eco-centre (done)
  • *Put up curtains over wall of shelves
  • sell Crop'n'Style
  • move clothesline
  • Sand chairs and paint
  • Cover new table for laundry tub (done)
  • Find and install taps for laundry tub.
  • *Tidy up cords at computer desk.
  • Cut and install wood facing for faux fireplace facelift. Paint.
  • Construct and paint "skirt" for trunk.
  • Remove paint from silver bits on trunk.

  • In preparation for leaving, I need to

  • *clean the house (my Mom will be staying here with the dog while we're away)
  • *figure out what to pack (which may involve a few shopping trips)
  • *plan what we'll be doing--what to see and where to go when.

  • If that isn't enough, I plan to continue with school this week.


    If I have time, I'd like to post an area a day this week--a re-cap--from the beginning to now. I also want to do up a slideshow for you (and me!) but don't count on it!

    *items have priority.


    drwende said...

    I think I'll just accept the extra week and not try to cram more into the "extra" time

    Loud applause! Your adoring fans are happy to admire the massive amounts you have accomplished. More would be overkill.

    Alana in Canada said...

    Nah. You can never do too much!

    (Though I may just have given that the lie....)

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