Saturday, April 19, 2008

Week 6: Progress Report

Short Version
Basically, a week with no energy for the Cure. My right arm and hand is bothering me a lot which makes even typing at the keyboard problematic.

No donations
No garbage
--not that there isn't any of this stuff, I just didn't deal with it.

Long Version:


  • Got up before the family and washed the kitchen floor.
  • Put a second coat of paint on the lamp base.
  • Puttered for 15 minutes on a couple of shelves. I'm not quite sure what I'm doing here, just the usual sort and purge. I put some of the files into the newly emptied filing cabinet.

  • Tuesday

    Have I mentioned we hoard things? I'm sure I've mentioned it before...but just in case you were wondering; here's a picture.

    What you don't see is that that box is 12" deep. Yes, take out a ruler, it's that deep. An entire box of paper plates, disposable cups and plastic cutlery. I have so much, I could take paper plates (and packs of cutlery from the kitchen drawers) on our trip with us and not even make a dint. (Which I recommend heartily, by the way. Buying a whole cooked chicken, fruit and pre-made salad at the grocery store and bringing it back to the hotel room gave us two meals we didn't have to eat out.) The plates are great for painting and kids' art projects as well. But, even so, we have, pretty much, a life-time supply. We also have enough cutlery for everyone at an Amish barn raising.

    The box which houses the paper plates and stuff is falling apart. I decided to go through it. I'd been dithering about whether to replace the carboard box with plastic, but when a spider scuttled out, the decision was made. All loose cups and cutlery were tossed, cutlery in bags was rebagged into closeable baggies.

    I bought a plastic bin this afternoon. The whole thing feels cleaner. The small exposed plates will be used for paints.

    I merged two "party" boxes into one--we still have streamers left over from those we bought for our wedding reception; we have party hats, little birthday blowers, medals and a cheesy "Happy Birthday" sign.

    So, I sorted and purged. Did you know that balloons don't keep? After about five years the latex is shot. I brought up the Spiderman napkins to use, but threw out the few Winnie-the Pooh paper plates and hats we had left. (Though I did keep the generic "Happy Birthday" hats. Gotta wear a silly hat on birthdays!)


  • I finally put a third coat of paint on that little table lamp. I'm hoping it is the last. (It was.)
  • Pinned and hemmed second to last curtain panel for the basement window.
  • Trimmed and inserted the picture for the oval mirrored frame.

  • So, that's all done.

    I have no energy today at all. We did do a full day of school, though I felt like quitting several times. I just want to make dinner (meatloaf, mashed potatoes and beans), eat and go to bed. I've been getting up at 6:30 and seeing the husband out the door in the mornings. That way I get a couple of hours of quiet before the kids get up and I love it. But it is a huge transition for me!


  • Pinned and hemmed the last curtain panel. Each one had to be taken up 18". It involved lots of measuring and ironing.
    Then, some of you may remember the machine was out of commission there for a little bit; but the machine lost its ability to sew in reverse years ago, so I hand tie all the beginning and ends of every seam. I just may have to get that fixed someday!

  • Cut the plastic away from the wall and hung it up.

    Here's what the "excercise area" looks like now:

  • missed garbage pick-up.

  • Friday

    Already? Where did this week go?

  • Used iron-on hemming tape to put that napkin on the pillow. Lesson learned: You really can't iron velvet-type fabrics, even through a damp cloth.

    Colleen (CQ in DC / quinncx) said...

    It looks fabuous! You have made so many excellent changes. I wonder if you've thought of replacing the floor lamp in that last picture with a ceiling mounted fixture or hanging pendant? It would free up some floor space...

    scb said...

    Wow. Even on a week when you say you had no energy for the Cure, you accomplished great things. I have no energy for the Cure, which is translating into doing pretty much nothing at all.

    Take care of that arm and hand!

    Alan Roberta said...

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