Saturday, April 26, 2008

Weekend far


My energy is back.

After being thoroughly disgusted with yesterday's "Progress Report," I got to work on the North-East Corner of the basement.

I want to go waaaay back and show you the corner as it was on March 8th:

On March 25th, about 2 1/2 weeks later, I had this:

I pretty much ignored this area until I rearranged the stuff along that wall and took down the "canopy" last weekend.

Then, last night, screwdrivers in hand, I tackled those shelves. I had thought to remove them all and free up the whole corner, but I really needed a spot for my "house box"--a 1" to 12" scale model of a "townhouse" partially constructed and packed away since I moved out west almost 12 years ago. It has been on the floor for the past year...and I'm worried about I wanted it in a "safe" place. The basement has never flooded along this wall, ever.

About 40 minutes later:

That is actually a different lime green fabric! It's an old vinyl table cloth. The "canopy" fabric is in the outbox.

Today, I ventured downstairs to tackle the art work. I stacked it all on the bench and realised that now with the house box and the stack of art work removed, I could re-configure the two tables down there so that the boys would have access the punching bag. I neglected to take a proper "before" picture as it was one of those organic things where I just moved from one thing to another, but here's a picture of the area from March:

The brown lamp is resting on the old undercounter fridge, the small worktable is under the paint can, and the old kitchen table is under the picture frames and fake flowers.

The fridge was hauled to my Mom's, the yellow lamp tossed, the picture frames's a shot of the work table in action, April 8th. (The kitchen table is under the "coax cable" kettle box.)

And so we come to today. Here's the before picture of the art work to be sorted (still).

As I said, though, once it was out of the way, I just started moving things around.

Hmmm. Nasty. So, stealing an idea from Yvestown, I got out one of my other vinyl tablecloths (handily accessible in it's plastic roll out box) and stapled a lovely blue one to the top.

I decided it was too nice to be mucked up with painting and staining and such...and I'd been wondering about how to get a work surface over by the laundry tub (for when it is eventually converted into a place to do laundry, I'll need one), so after measuring (the table is 18" wide and 42" long) I wrestled it in under the stairs, beside the laundry tub.

The husband says he'll fashion a small table for the left hand side of the laundry tub. (Hooray!)

And the table area?
This is what we have as of today:

Boom da da boom.


drwende said...


I'd been having a bout of the crankies, but by the time I got to the end of this post, I was smiling and applauding. You done good.

zooza said...

You certainly have done good. I think everyone is in a bit of a slump at the moment, but looking at what you have achieved I'm all fired up to get going again (after I have finished my cup of tea. And maybe had a nap). Well done - it's all looking fantastic!

scb said...

Wow! Yay for your energy being back! I third the "you done good" sentiment. You have done amazing things with that basement. I really like the blue cloth attached to the table and the table in beside the soon-to-be-functional sink. (But it looks like a tricky wrestling job -- how are your arm and hand now?)

Yay you.

Colleen (CQ in DC / quinncx) said...

woohoo- so inspirational for me as I'm definitely in a slump...

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