Sunday, April 13, 2008

We're Home!

and feeling refreshed and revitalised by the conference.

It was a beautiful day today, too, so while I was off getting groceries and picking up our Guinea Pig, the husband put up the screens. He even washed the outside panes of the inside windows. I was shocked,
and pleased!

We go back to school tomorrow, so I'm going to have to think about the house, the basement and all that stuff later.


drwende said...

Yay! Glad to hear it was a good time!

zooza said...

Glad you had a refreshing time at the conference.

Also, I think there is something in the air. I went out yesterday and came back to a clean bathroom - same shock and pleasure you felt!

lorijo said...

I am glad that you had a good time. Did you learn a lot or was it more networking and meeting other home schooling families?

scb said...

Welcome home! Looking forward to hearing about what you learned! (And was there shopping? Were there cool books???)

Alana in Canada said...

Well, scb, I did write something up on the homeschooling blog, but it's about how the conference impacted me spiritually, rather than merely homeschooling wise.

Didn't buy anything exciting, really. As far as networking goes, I suppose we did, a teeny bit. Kept running into the same woman and her family--and when we ran into each other for the last time--at Wendy's on our way out of town--she gave me their number. They live on an acreage somewhere around here.

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