Monday, April 14, 2008

Week 6: The "Bathroom": Goals

or, in my case, the laundry room. That works, doesn't it?

This area is actually in pretty good shape, right now. It has curtains on both windows and the area just feels lighter and airier. Moving out the extra dresser and shifting a few things around really helped. (Someone came and took the black dresser! It was gone when we got home. I was so thrilled.) I'd take and post some pics, but I've misplaced the digital camera.

Really, the only things that need to be done down here are:
1) research the feasibility of attaching taps to the existing pipes by the "laundry" sink. (And boy, will that be a nasty job to clean out to use!)
2) move the clothesline
3) add a few hooks

As for projects which need to be completed:
1) The Faux Fireplace Facelift. Today was the husband's last day off--and he took it--he read a novel all day! To be fair, it was sort of raining/sleeting for a while there, but even if it hadn't been, he probably would have taken the day off. All I need is the wood cut and hammered into the plaster on the fireplace.
Oh well. I guess he's entitled. He did do all the driving on the trip.

2) Finish painting wooden lamp base white.

3) Sand and paint two chairs white.

4) Figure out how to attach the hardware for my wall of curtains.

5) Sort kids' artwork.

6) Sort scrap supplies.

7) Build apron or "stand" or whatchamacallit for the trunk.

8) Find and purchase smaller speakers

9) Install a new screen door at the back door. The husband made calls today to find one in the proper quirky size. We want one in wood with the screen at the top so we can install a dog door in the bottom.

10) Hem and install last set of curtains for the basement windows. (As I said, I'm not doing the workshop, so if the husband wants a set of curtains in there, he's going to have to wait a bit).

Hey, how can my list be longer than it was last week--and we got so much accomplished? (I've a nagging suspicion I've forgotten something, too.)
Aren't I supposed to be winding down?
(Don't answer that!)


zooza said...

I'm not sure what the pipe situation for the sink is, but have you come across self-tapping pipe joints? You fit these onto existing pipes, screw a little part down and they puncture a hole in the pipe and create a tight joint. A very easy way to extend pipe work (and fit taps/faucets/thingummies).

drwende said...

Hey, how can my list be longer than it was last week--and we got so much accomplished?

'Cause you're adding to it.

This is such an ingrained personality trait that you may want to just decide that it's part of your charm, rather than something to worry about.

Elissa said...

wow, that's quite a list. Although I guess if I started writing everything down mine would be pretty long too. It's amazing how as you work your way down a list, new things keep showing up at the bottom. Then when you get close to the end smaller things start "disappearing" as you start to prioritize the limited amount of time remaining.

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