Sunday, April 6, 2008

Week 5: Goals

The husband has the week off--and we're leaving Thursday afternoon for a homeschooling conference this weekend (Friday and Saturday). School is cancelled. (That's honestly the best part). Most of the plans involve him--and a usable back yard which the recent snowfall has put out of commission. So, I don't know if we can get all of this done or not, but this is the list:

1) Cut down the pine table in the kitchen (we want to make it about 6-8" shorter lengthwise) and sand. I'd like to put a thin coat of varnish on it, but if I don't, no worries. I think I can go for the "scrubbed pine table" country look. Maybe.

See the corner between the cabinet drawers and the table? It's a tight squeeze.

2) Cut the wood for the faux fireplace facelift. I still need to flatten the wood somewhat. Install and paint. But wouldn't it be nice to get rid of this? Yes, the date on that photo is correct. I started this project in June.

3) Plan and build a new support base for the coffee table trunk like this one, maybe not quite so high, (and with a deeper apron) as the proportions of mine are different.

This is referenced in my files as "Miles Redd." It's obviously a modern up-date to this:

4) The slidey things that hold up the leaves up for the little round table are so tight we haven't been able to move them since they were installed. I also never stained them. So, I want to take them off, shave them down a bit and stain them.

5) Paint trunk (in progress, yay!)

6) Find and purchase smaller speakers. Our stereo system was purchased, at great expense, by the husband, before he met me. The amplifier has little push knobs for inserting speaker wire. I understand everything is done with jacks these days. Oh well. I'm going to ask the folks at Radio Shack, but I'm hoping we can just strip the jacks off the new fangled speaker wire hook up and insert it like technology hasn't marched on in the last decade. That will definitely improve this corner:

(Yikes, I could have dusted, at least! DVD's from library stacked on left, Blockbuster on right).

7) Finish sanding and painting (maybe) the back hallway.

8) Put shingles on the dog's house. Red, of course. This is, exclusively, a father and son project.

9) Purchase containers for fabric and such and shelve.

10) Figure out how to attach the hardware for the curtain wall in the basement. I'll be taking some photos and asking for help with that this week, too.

There, an even 10. Wish us luck!


Colleen (CQ in DC / quinncx) said...

I'm tired just reading about your list- good luck with it all! I can't wait to see the pictures, especially the red shingles...

Alana in Canada said...

Really, it'll be the husband who's tired! He'll do all the cutting, measuring and putting together. I just make it look purdy.

curing what ails me said...

You can get more done in a week than I can accomplish in a year!

BTW, my husband's speakers are even bigger than yours, and he's already nixed the idea of teeny, tiny wireless ones--perhaps because he spent a month's salary on them. So I'm considering camouflaging the fronts with fabric to match the living room...but maybe that would be like putting a dress on an elephant.

drwende said...

Whoa! Your energy is amazing.

...and I remember sound systems where, when you rearranged them, you had to poke the wires into the holes.

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