Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Week 5: Progress Report (daily version)

Tuesday is usually errand day, and today was no different. I bought three storage containers for the remaining basement fabrics, etc. Look! They're on wheels!

So all of the fabric fit into the three containers I purchased. $46.00 for the trio. Yikers. (They are the ones with white lids). How do you like my fancy-wancy labels?

So, that project is done, thank goodness.

Then I bought the wood we need to make the little table for the trunk. I've been calling it an "apron" but "little table stand" is probably the technical term. Now we just have to hunt down the legs and the husband can get it together for me and I can paint it.
8' of 1x4 pine: $16.00

Did you know that red shingles are "not common?" I had two people say that to me today. So, I guess we aren't "common" either! That's nice to know. Bought a pack for the dog house: $20.00. That'll be the total cost of the Dog House. Husband says that should be done tomorrow, Colleen!

The husband shaved down the slidey things for the little round table while I was out. I'll get a coat of stain on those after supper.

AND, we just carted the big old ugly Ikea dresser to the curb.
It had been sitting in the backyard, since before the snowfall. Somehow, miraculously, the "broken drawer" is broken no more. It all went to together beautifully.

Do I want it back? Read the sign.

And that, as they say, is that. At each of the three "lumber" or building places I went to today, I was waited on by a woman. That was pretty neat.

But, I spent about six hours in the car, today, all told. It just seems to take too long to do so little!


Christine in DC said...

Love the labels! I love labels! Sounds like great progress, too!

zooza said...

I like the labels, too. But I'm more taken with the fact that you have a cardboard box on the shelves that has 'B.U.M.' written on it. Doesn't take much to amuse me...

lorijo said...

great progress! I loved the sign,but I would be afraid to do that where I live- I am sure someone would offer me money.

I have my own "red shingles" story. Last year I searched for red marine paint. I have my Grandfathers old wooden table from the cottage, and every year he slapped another coat of red marine paint on it (leftover paint from his boats I'm sure) When I got it, it needed paint (it's about the only thing holding it together)but all anyone had was blue marine paint. Apparently, no one has a red boat up here.

Colleen (CQ in DC / quinncx) said...

yay on the doghouse almost being completed- I'm excited!

Maybe three or four weeks ago I saw an episode of LHOTP where Albert built a dog house and the dog wouldn't go in so Albert ended up sleeping out there for the night- here's hoping your dog is more cooperative!

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