Monday, April 7, 2008

Week 5: Progress Report (daily version)

Since we'll be leaving sometime Thursday afternoon for the homeschooling conference, I've decided to update daily for you this week.

Remember these curtains?

In case you don't, I found them in November and the great curtain ring hunt commenced. It didn't take too long to find what I needed, however.

The curtain, though, was one piece of fabric when I bought it. I wanted two panels--and to my joy I discovered they had originally been so: they had a lovely french seam running up the very middle. That meant separating them, re-sewing the one side, and a few inches of the top and bottom on each. I did the first panel fairly quickly. But for some reason, I stalled on the second. For four months.

But, they're done! Both of them. But you'll sort of have to take my word for it.

They were also starched to within an inch of their life, so they were washed and ironed before they were hung this morning.

The kitchen table is also shorter by six inches lengthwise. That was today's big project. Here are the details.

1) Measure and mark. Put down wood board for guiding the saw blade (not recommended).
2) Make cut. Dust sheets over exposed surfaces (like shelving) recommended.

3) Cut the two sides of the apron. (A sturdy support structure is recommended.)
4) Cut new grooves for leg hardware attachments. This the hardware of which we speak:

5) Screw the table top back on. It is recommended you have all screws on hand before you begin so you don't have to wait in this awkward position while your assistant scrounges to replace the one which was stripped.

Sand the unfinished edges, round them slightly. (Sanding with the grain is also recommended) and turn the now unfinished edge towards the wall. Call it done. (Not recommended).

Can you see a difference?

I swept and swept and swept. I took everything off that shelf and wiped it all down. I wanted to put a coat of water based varnish on it, but I couldn't find it.

I should have washed the floor, but I put the second coat of paint on the trunk instead.


zooza said...

Great job on the curtains and the table. I reckon having the table that little bit shorter will be one of those small-change-big-difference things. It certainly looks less of a squeeze. Extra top marks for getting the table done in one go and not leaving it propped up on the chairs for six months with only two legs, which is what I would have done...

curing what ails me said...

I love the print in those curtains!
Congrats on getting this project done...hope it makes your space more functional.

lorijo said...

I am so glad to be able to comment again! I honestly can't see much difference in the table pictures- but I am sure that 6 inches MADE a world of difference in moving around the space. It looks great (like it was never cut down) and you should be proud that you got it finished. It's been 4 mos. and I am still waiting for trim on my bar table. (my Mr. said I was "nagging" today. I told him I was through being polite. He built the thing in December- time to finish it!)
Have a good time at your conference!

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